Muscle Memory and Fantasy/Imagery as Orgasmic Triggers

These are excepts from a current thread in which Pan and I discuss these alternate methods based on his first post in Sky_Walker's thread The Five Minutes leading up to a Super-O at

>>>artform wrote: I have found both the Fantasy method and what I have called the Muscle Memory method to be very useful additional arrows in the quiver. But Muscle Memory may be limited to those experienced with yoga or at least successful inner body visualization: being able to mentally connect with a specific body element, isolate and activate it in an unusual way. For example focusing on a wound, visible or internal and actually being able to accelerate its healing.

I used my MGX, when I had temporarily reached a plateau before any Aneros-induced Super-O, and practised having my prostate and its rectal muscle wall cover reach out to contact the tip of the MGX and have them caress it. I called it "polishing the knob". Mine does this hungrily for mrs. a's finger anytime!

Perhaps that was the key, butt it worked with the Aneros and I could then replicate that sensation anytime at will without the Aneros and launch the energies, the Butt Buzz and P-waves, mini-Os and dry-Os and beyond… anytime. The muscles there actually flex gently when I "recall" that memory and the physical stimulus prostate fuse is ignited that easily. Perhaps it's just the trick of an adept with an unusual background. Or, this might be useful for others needing to "do something", just as the Fantasy Method has wide appeal and application.<<<

>>>artform wrote: It is fascinating that your imagery is so ejaculation focused when differentiating orgasmic response from ejaculation response is a crucial step in both Aneros and KSMO.<<<

>>>Pan wrote: Indeed, I can see how it makes for a bit of a paradox! LOL.

I suppose a little more explanation is in order here. When describing the Fantasy Method, I recommend focusing on the sensations of ejaculatory orgasm for a couple reasons:

First – the process building up to and including ejaculation, involves all of the same nerves, muscles, etc associated with the Super-O, and most importantly the prostate. And since the body doesn't know the difference between an imagined ejaculation and a real one, vividly fantasizing about it, stimulates all of those areas automatically (often much more so than contractions alone). This stimulation leads to an increase in pleasurable awareness of the prostate. And since the Aneros is already gently massaging that area (even without any contractions), once a certain "critical mass" of sensation is achieved in that area, the body naturally responds to the presence of the Aneros with the same automatic, involuntary contractions associated with both ejaculation and the Super-O. This is the crossroads where these two, seemingly opposite physiological responses intersect. The spontaneous orgasmic contractions are essentially the same. However without physical penile stimulation and/or erection, the body simply defaults to the Super-O (and all of the wonderful pleasures that come with it!).

Second – I find that the Fantasy Method works best by drawing on and amplifying sense memories from one's previous orgasmic experiences. Since I've only discussed this method with new practitioners thus far, I try to keep the instructions within their current realm of orgasmic experience, which is most likely limited to ejaculation. It's a sensation that all men can associate with, so in my opinion, it's the best place to start.

Of course, as one's repertoire expands, so does one's options until they are only as limited as one's imagination.

Personally, I use the Fantasy Method as a powerful form of self-hypnosis to help enhance and expand everything from full-body orgasms and kundalini awakenings, to emotional and spiritual growth. But it all started as an experiment to see what would happen if I focused purely on the sensations of continual ejaculatory orgasm without actually doing anything physical. The result was my first fantasy-generated Super-O.<<<

>>>artform wrote: Agreed! And I too think that there is strong self-hypnosis here. At summer camp in my early teens I was found to be a good hypnosis/self-hypnosis participant, particularly in pain control. Soon after that I took up my early practice of yoga, again with pain control as part of the motivation and early successes. <<<

>>>artform wrote: So, once having accomplished the rewiring of the differentiation, as you have, using the imagery of ejaculation does not take you back into the ejaculation circuitry, I assume!?!

>>>Pan wrote: As a matter of fact, after a few years, it did eventually lead me to experience some involuntary ejaculations (and also what I call "streaming ejaculations," where the semen pours out slowly in one continuous stream), during my Aneros sessions. Eventually, I found myself so "in tune" with my ejaculatory process that I could in fact, ejaculate in as little as a couple minutes, even without the Aneros or any physical stimulation at all. And it's an ability that has stayed with me ever since.

For awhile, I was indeed slightly concerned that I might have taken the re-wiring process a little too far. But within a few months, I found myself settling into a very comfortable balance between wet and dry orgasms, where both seemed equally more accessible to me than before.

In terms of multiple, dry, KSMO-style orgasms and/or Super-O's, I can still enjoy them for hours during sex, masturbation, or Aneros sessions without feeling any urge to ejaculate, just like before. I still average about one voluntary ejaculation per week or less, and almost never ejaculate involuntarily, as has been the case for the past 7 years or so. If anything, I feel that through this process I have simply gained a whole new area to explore in terms of how I choose to ejaculate. And I must admit, as time goes by, I find ejaculating purely through fantasy far more pleasurable than any other method, except of course, while making love to my wife.

Currently, on the days that I do choose to ejaculate, I am learning to hover at the Point of No Return for long periods of time, purely through fantasy, without the Aneros or any form of physical stimulation. It's basically a form of mental "edging," that oddly enough seems to be helping me expand my non-ejaculatory orgasmic capacity even more. I've never seen this particular practice discussed anywhere, so if anyone else is doing it, I'd love to compare notes!<<<

>>>artform wrote: Nor have I. In my youth I never had a "wet dream" or any "nocturnal emissions". Since taking up Aneros and KSMO however, I have had evidence in my briefs in the morning on several occasions that this can be a late onset phenomenon. So separating the orgasmic response from the ejaculatory response seems to have also freed up the ejaculatory one too!

Although I am sensitive to my dreams, I have had no memories associated with these events on waking. Just sitting here typing the body/mind is rummaging around down there to feel just what can be put together to make this work. My hunch is that I have been subconsciously playing in that direction somewhere below one of my favourite liminal perches, hypnagogia. As always you are an inspiration! Another Flow phenomenon on the sensory/sensual horizon…

Wait a minute! If I was tossing or moving significantly in my sleep, mrs. a would waken and… Perhaps my nocturnal emissions are flows… Who knows… yet <<<

>>>artform wrote: My imagery is different and secondary…<<<

>>>Pan wrote: As well it should be! Like I said, as far as the Fantasy Method goes, the focus on ejaculation is just a launching point for those who have yet to experience multiple orgasms or the Super-O. Once that has been achieved, the possibilities are limitless. <<<

>>>artform wrote: Yes, limitless. I understand the appeal and utility of focusing on the body/mind's established experience of orgasm while withholding any penile stimulus. It too is a form of muscle/nerve memory technique training in that sense. It is a wonderful alternate route to the bigger dry orgasmic responses! I have always had energetic responses to music, other arts and environment experiences. Those energies can be chi (life force) or shen (spiritual), butt they can also be jing (orgasmic) to use the Taoist naming tradition. esfenoides has a current thread Non-erotic orgasms, aneros can be non sexual where the spiritual orgasm thoughts come forward again. I again included your link to the Michael Winn article The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm.

As we all get to the full spectrum of energies through these practices our whole "being in the world" can be felt as an orgasmic adventure. Long before joining Jack's KSMO group, I loved resonance and feeling sound/music in specific parts of my body. The more pleasure-inducing parts quickly became a priority. I have had a prostate resonant tuning for singing for years. Up, up and away… In a recent KSMO Chat, I mentioned that I had tuned my Key Sound to resonate with my prostate. Jack LOLed. I think that is part of why KSMO worked so soon, so naturally and so powerfully for me.

I have grown up with a case of synaesthesia, of cross-over sensory inputs and imagery. Music can therefore be visual, tactile and kinaestheic, as well as auditory, all at once. All the senses can trigger and mix easily and fantastically, so I have a repertoire of professional and recreational memories and imaginings that contain energies that can and do concentrate as JING! and away we go!

We do Chi Walking and other specific Taoist techniques too to gather and concentrate chi and, as Jack says, "calmpost" that energy into the whole body/mind system to go spiritual voyaging and/or high energetic orgasmic adventures with mrs. a!<<<

hope this may be helpful to some here