Trying again for the first time!

Greetings to all. I first must apologize to the Aneros people for
not giving their product a fair shake when I first bought mine about 2 years ago. I tried it out a few times initially without great success and just tucked it away into the assortment of toys I've accumulated. This morning I received an e-mail from Aneros about their new glass product and I decided to revisit this website for a more detailed look around.
I was very surprised to find a chat area, this blog area and many other things I never knew about. So I decided to get my MGX out,clean it up from the dust of inactivity and follow (or try to) the instructions here on site.
I'm a typical Scorpio personality and not long on patience, so after reading some testimonials about instant orgasms I expected the same…didn't happen. I then reread the instructions and followed them closer. I didn't have alot of additional time to give the MGX to work but I did find myself more relaxed than the first time this morning. I did spend more time concentrating on the anal sensations and found more sensations coming to me (nothing orgasmic yet) and when I had to stop and examined my penis I was surprised to find some precum fluid at the head. I thought maybe it was some urine leakage (I have an inflatible penile implant and sometime suffer urine spotting even some while after urinating) but could tell it was definitely precum by the slickness feel to it.
Tonight when I get back home I will devote much more time to doing this experience right and let you know how this rookie fares.


  1. Welcome JD3154! 🙂

    Your experience sounds some what similar to mine. In that for the first year after I bought my Helix, it got used only infrequently due to not experiencing any pleasurable results. But then there was just one of those days where I felt aroused and thought I would try it again, and started getting some pleasure from it. That's when I started having regular sessions and started to make progress step by step. I still haven't reached super orgasms yet, but I've made incredible progress over about 2 years time.

    Be patient, and don't make any expectations of your Aneros sessions. Also, please do participate here in the Blogs, Forum, and Chat room. It's a great way to learn and motivate.


  2. Thanks Love_is for the kind words. I'm going to try to get and stay on a schedule of usage and I'm sure based on what I've been reading that success is just down the road a bit. It does help tho being divorced and able to do what's needed without having eyes watching that can't see the reason for trying (hence the divorce). JD

  3. My story and first orgasm took more than a year. I guess I would have to say I am finally rewired and fully enjoying the Aneros dry multiple orgasm. You could take many things away from me but not this!!

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