I bought my Aneros on June 5.

And on Friday the 12. I had a breakthrough.

Well my story starts like this:

My wife had recently got fired from her work and she now enjoys three months of holiday.

She went to Switzerland to visit some of our good friends. The wife told about their new sex toys and my wife was brave and suggested that we should get a dildo to spice up our sex life. And so I went to down town Copenhagen to a very nice shop called 'Lust' and had a long conversation with the hot girl taking care of the shop. Since I had never been i a sex shop before, I was pleasantly surprised. A very good atmosphere, and a woman that could give me really good advice.

The dildo was a huge success, and i trawled the net for other sex toys. And went to Wikipedia and followed the link to 'Anaros'.

The content of the wiki convinced me that I had to try the Aneros. And since my wife was going to Spain to walk to San Sebastian (Pilgrim route) I felt that I had to get the Anaros to train with while she was gone.

So I went to Copenhagen’s SM store (sm shoppen) and had a talk with the woman there. And we kind of agreed that the msx was the right model.

I took i home two Fridays ago, and when the children slept, and the mother in law slept, I had a go. I put it up my as, and it felt good but a little uncomfortable. I followed the instructions and I almost ejaculated , but then my son called me. It was a big encouragement, i knew that it was possible to come wit Aneros, and that the Anaros could deliver.

I went on the following nights. I could make my ass pulsate, but that was about it. I learned that in order to make it pulsate it was important to only use light contractions to make fluctuations possible. But my old ways was still working, that is masturbating and watching porn, and so my prostate was never really big and hard, because I exhausted it with my normal activities.

I realised this and abstained from ejaculation. The evening after I came big time. The first orgasm was very special. It started very subtle, but I focused on it and remembering ArcticWolf's word to be happy for what you got, I just followed that subtle feeling. But the feeling grew and after a while I was spasmic, coming up for air, feeling this was not happening to me, and then: Is this really happening to me?. And then just fighting to get air in the most delightful way. I have no idea of how long it lasted but i would say 10 minutes. Afterwards I looked at the ceiling and I was looking through new eyes. I felt everything was vibrating. It was like I was born into a new world. I came again two big times and two small times, and I was in heaven.

I've fallen in love with my toy.

I have had so many sessions in the last week. In the evenings, in the morning and when i come home from work. One night i woke up orgasmic and on my bike on the way to work I come, and on work on the toilet if I think of Aneros. It is a miracle and I thank my lover in many ways.

But now I am overdosed. The last sessions I focused completely on the result, forgetting how to get there… I have fallen into hubris. My brain wants it, but my body can’t handle any more. I have to be abstinent for a day.

My wife is coming home Friday, and I want to really show her what lover Aneros can to us. I hope I have the strength to be honest with her.


  1. That's fantastic Northernligth!!!

    You obviously fall into the small percentage of men that have quick results from the Aneros toys. I'm sure sharing the experience with your wife will be even more fun! 😀


  2. Hi Love,

    Thank for the comment. Yes I hope it will be rewarding to both of us time will tell.


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