At last. We managed to be able to have a night of sex. And the first shared experience of using the Aneros.

My wife came home last Friday, and due to circumstance we haven't had the time and energy to have any love sessions. Well that's not entirely true, but its limited how advanced you get in the morning when your children are in the living room…

Well over the last many days we had been kissing and fondling during day time to warm up and get ready for when the children slept, but… Then we too were ether too tired or had other things to take care of.

But at last. Sunday I went to watch a game of skater hockey, and have some training myself. When I got home my wife was about to visit a friend to have dinner there. So I took care of the kids putting them to bed. And then what do you do when you have a couple of hours to kill? Yes that’s right. Around midnight I when to rinse myself and got lubed up. And just as I placed Aneros in position I hear my wife in the living room. I greet her and we kiss and we immediately feel that we must have each other. So k prepares herself, and I warm up in bed with contractions, and I can feel I’m close to having an O already. When K enters I tell her that I'm wearing Anaros for the occasion. Well we make love, but it takes some getting used to that Aneros have this long tail, so it gets a bit uncomfortable with her on top, so I pull Aneros out. And here the new sex lesson starts. I ask her to lube her finger and to put it up my ass, and I show her where the prostate is placed. She massages it and it feels very good. Then I ask her to put Aneros back. I start getting rhythmic contractions and K is touching my balls and breasts. I come in a wonderful way, while I’m telling her what’s going on in my body. I whish all sex education could be this fun.

We continue having sex I penetrate her and with Aneros im place I have a very powerful wet orgasm. K is not satisfied yet, so I put on a vibrating cock ring. Its the first time we use it, and its a big success for K. I think K came for 10 minutes more and more loosing control. It was very good to see and hear.

We lay talking for a while, not even being able to get up to get water, just lying there glowing in the after orgasm. After a while I entered Aneros again and had a wonderful relaxed long O. Feeling relief that our first time went really well.

Yes, the Aneros sets your mind free.

In the morning i wake up early and I take a shower with Aneros, goes back to bed and O's for 15 minutes. What a night and what a wonderful morning. On my way to work I cycle by a nice little coffee shop downtown. I order a double cortardo and sits in the sun enjoying life. I love my life.


  1. Hey, NorthernLigth! Great chatting with you Sunday. Pleased to hear K is back home and your MGX is a shared experience. Try having K repeatedly slide her finger or your MGX up and down in your ass. When my wife does this, it blows my mind AND she gets really turned on too. Yes, life can be sweet, especially when share it with our beloved. Take care and God bless, Starr831

  2. Hey Starr831.
    Thanks for the tip. I must say that it takes a lot of trust to be penetrated. By the way I ordered the Peridise set. Actually without K knowing. But last night she asked me if there were Aneros' for women. So I could very happily tell her that I already ordered that. It will arrive Monday at latest.
    Nice chatting to you too.

    Take care, NL

  3. I'd be very interested to hear how the Peridise set works out. My wife was curious about the Peridise — although I don't think she's ready to try them quite yet. All the best, NL. Starr

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