Is more than one tool for the Journey a mistake?

Recently picked up a Eupho from our local leather shop but it didn't get "christened" for almost 48 hours due to time demands from friends, relatives, a charitable outfit I like and the dog. (and I thought retirement would mean more spare time … LOL)

I've also been playing with lube. This week it's shea butter cut with olive oil–VERY slippery stuff… mmm, mmm, mmm ! (As J4, SWW, and Love_is have noted, it's nice to not have "gastric distress" from a water based lube.) I'm gonna tag this mix, "SBOO." It defined, "Aneros suspended in the lube" (After a few more sessions of "SBOO" the lab-animal/AnoRat will switch to Shea Butter and Castor Oil, "SBCO".) 😕

Managed a mini-O with the Helix; then, 'dame-P' got bored with me. So, I switched to Eupho-the-Virgin. Definitely a well engineered tool! (Damn, 'twould be nice to be on the HIH R&D squad!)

I was expecting the increased mobility that everyone seems to report. Yup, got that. Then it dawned on me that, inside my anatomy, this tool works somewhat opposite to the Helix.

With the Helix, I get max prostate stim when I'm on my belly and more posterior wall and anal stim when I'm on my back.

With the Eupho it seems just the opposite, more prostate stim on my back and more posterior wall stim when I'm on my belly.

Comment: I still haven't figured out though which tool is better for lateral-lobe massage when I'm on either side–more testing is definitely called for !!

Tried another session about 9 hours later and got the same "reversal" of action between Helix and Eupho.

This seems like a remarkable difference for such a small variation in tool length and shape.

Knowing that standardization counts in a training situation, it would seem that the fastest path to the Super-O would be with just one tool for the serious, extended sessions. IOW, my toy box seems too large for a NuBe.

Any thoughts from those who were really well-wired before they started their journey?? Was swapping tools in mid-stream a hindrance ??

(by "well wired," I mean those who were wired into their erotic behaviors with 3/16", galvanized, tempered steel, armored, chain-link fence wire, with some titanium concertina on top.)