Circulating Energies with Your Partner without Including Genital Contact

A couple of days ago, mrs. a and I awoke in the early morning and were feeling sensual and were caressing… general body caressing…

I could feel my energies flowing with erotic overtones but instead brought my left foot up under the ball of one of mrs. a's feet. I felt some energy flow there and asked if she did too. Yes. So I slid my hand down to enable me to touch one of her finger tips with one of mine. It just started… We were now circulating the energies mutually in loops fingers to toes through our bodies!!!

No muscle spasms, but the gentlest of Calm Seas-Os floating bliss while these energies coursed through us and we shared these amazing effects. We both felt energized during and for much of the day following.

If I had to say, I would say we were mostly feeling the effects ascribed to Chi, the Life Force, but there were clearly echoes/elements of Jing and Shen there too…

Doing more research on this and will report back…

Back again! July 14/09

I just added the following post to a thread in the KSMO Complementary Practices Forum section on the subject of John Gregorek's CHAKRAS App for the IPhone and IPod Touch:

This wonderful iPhone App has been significantly upgraded recently. I highly recommend the App and the upgrade. This morning mrs. a and I did as we do on occasion and listened through the upward three tones cascade I described in a post above, in bed together after waking. As always we get wonderful "clearing" sensations in lungs, throat, sinuses, and less obvious areas, strong beautiful blossoms of energies and occasional outright fireworks here and there too

There is a sense too of channels clearing/opening wider, and although we have been able to open to mutual energy looping previously in other circumstances, this morning we easily fell into glorious mutual energy looping (mutual microcosmic orbiting in Taoist terms). We are both still energized as we proceed with all the outside world business and activities. Better than all the caffeine in the world and entirely different qualities; a spiritual/physical multiversal integration, not some outside chemical high!

all the most ecstatic energetics all

as we rewire
we are all reconnected

Gregorek's website Publications page is:

Hey newbie2009, thanks for your comment. I have added a detailed description that may help with your problem with this in my comment below.

Still researching and will report again later…

all the best channels opening and energies flowing all



  1. Congrats on being able to loop. We're unable to do that.

    I only transfer from my wife's skin to the fingertips on my right hand and it stops if I simultaneously touch her body in some another place. It's been that way for 46 years.

    Even though we're pleased with what we have. I'll look forward to your progress report and any definitive readings you find.

  2. Hi newbie2009

    As I have added above, we were loopy this morning again, this time following our session with CHAKRAS. Apropos your comment about it stopping if you simultaneously touch her elsewhere, the following may be worth trying in your case too.

    I began by simply resting my right hand palm down on top of her left hand next to me. We both felt the familiar energies start-up and flow. After a couple of minutes, I brought the top of my right toes/foot up under her left foot. Immediately, it felt AS IF the energies there had stopped, but we did not flinch or break contact. Soon, subtler and different, the energies could again be sensed at our hands, while the feet continued and we both felt the looping building.

    My thought on this is that the second contact and the energies activity in setting up the loop and flowing looping, requires a kind of anode/cathode yin/yang adjustment and rebalancing before the energy flow is clearly able to be consciously sensed.

    Please let me know if this get results for you. Otherwise it may be a need for one or both to open more channels.

    all the best with all


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