Back in the saddle again! :D

It appears my Aneros lull has ended. I had an amazing session last night! I had the most amount of pre-cum on me that I've ever seen. And I could feel my prostate swell with arousal several different times within the session. I also felt some tingly pleasure in my prostate a few times also. Rather than just around my anus and perineum. That was really nice. I think I experienced some new highs in pleasure during this session.

As to why this lull happened? Depression and personal growth are the two main things. But also I noticed that when I was last having pleasurable sensations from Aneros sensations, I think close to a month ago. I was concentrating on the completely relax approach. And what I've found out recently is that I completely stopped doing any conscious anal and PC contractions both within and outside of an Aneros session. So I recently started doing them again. And just within a few days… Boom! Pleasure again! So for me, it seems that doing the conscious contractions are important.

There was much for me to learn during my Aneros lull though. Masturbation was rare. And when I did, I had to tell myself that it is ok to have pleasure, and that I deserve it. And I had to really practice on focusing on the sensations and any erotic fantasies to allow me to be excited to ejaculate. Sound familiar? LOL Eventually as I did this more and started doing the anal and PC contractions… Sensitivity, pleasure, and desire for it returned.

As of this last session a new thing has started happening. My upper torso and shoulders have started trembling at certain points. But also for no reason I can understand. My involuntary anal contractions have become much stronger and frequent. A few days back I had a no-Aneros session sitting in front of my computer reading erotica mostly, but also looking at some porn. When I have these type of sessions, I do my half PC, half anal contraction. But I'm able to do it much harder in a different way than when my Progasm is inserted. I assume it feels different just because there is nothing inserted in my anus. Anyways, this was the first time I experienced those stronger more frequent involuntary anal contractions. And it blew my mind! LOL It reminded me of the user here who posted about his involuntary anal contractions going "num, num, num, num". LOL It was just like that! It was wild and I loved it!

I ended up having a super-T during last night's Aneros session. And actually, in the last two or three I did the same thing now that I think about it. Part of allowing me to have pleasure if I so desire it with no guilt involved. 😉 I know we are not supposed to touch our penis during an Aneros session. But the thing is, that approach when followed strictly, it puts this level of guilt on me when I do have a hands on super-T. No more! If I want to touch my penis and ejaculate during an Aneros session, I will! All of this is part of my journey. I accept that I deserve pleasure in whatever way it manifests in my life. As long as it hurts no one in the process.


  1. I totally get off on the “num num’s”. It’s wicked good. After a year of pelvic muscle fitness camp I am now able to internally massage my own prostate whenever I want! Driving, during sex, Aneros or Aneros-less sessions.

    It’s just not fair I can’t show off my bulging cremasters!

    Carry on Love_is, bask in whatever light the journey bestows upon you. Who knew that orgasm could be so introspective?


  2. Bulging cremasters? LOL

    Thanks for the kind words J4. It is much appreciated.


  3. Good news about ending the lull!

    As for the involuntaries, I'm really intrigued with how they change and heighten the entire experience of arousal. In my case, I'm finding and enjoying arousal from much more subtle stimuli than I did before, because even minor stimuli encourage the involuntaries to create a feedback loop, like a wah-wah echo effect of whatever stimuli I have enjoyed. (Will write a much longer blog post about this soon.) Even just simple "show me her pink" footage is exciting me like it hasn't in YEARS. (I.e., I see something, I like it, I FEEL how much I like it, which makes me more excited already when I experience the *next* stimuli…)

    As for active vs. passive, they both seem to have their place, as you have determined! (And for hands-on vs. hands-off too, though I'm falling in the opposite camp lately.) But it seems to me than whenever one (active or passive) is failing to satisfy or excite, then the obvious thing to do is switch into the other. Sometimes my autopilot doesn't seem to know what to do next, so I'll just give it some new wiggle to work with, and then it gets back on track.

    Most of all, of course, the point is to ENJOY this. That seems like the theme of your post – more power to you!

  4. Thanks Tremelo. It's been really nice to experience pleasure again from these sessions. Thanks for your insight. It's always interesting to read other guys take on this journey.


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