Aneros can trigger erotic memories

I like to express myself in writing as well. When in intense sessions with the Aneros or Aneros Peridise I would come to having a lot of sexy thoughts, memories, emotions, and feelings. This would often bring me back to some erotic memories of when I was a child or teenager. When a person had their first orgasm or had sex for the first time it was the most exciting. Well the Aneros tends to bring back some of the excitement. For me it tends to make the nostalgia of it all more vivid and almost like I am having the same excitement as I did at the time. The Aneros really taps into the brain somehow. Remember the brain is the most powerful sex organ. It brought back many erotic memories that I didn't remember prior to the sessions. During some of my sessions I would recall of how I liked to sleep naked at times when I was a kid. I think I was maybe seven or something. I remember lying in my sleeping bag at night in my bedroom. I used to get on all fours in a doggy style position and look back toward my crotch. I could see a little bit of my figure in the dark since the hall light was a shining in a bit and I had the opening of my sleeping bag open a bit where light was coming in. I would study how my balls would hang down low and then end up moving up closer to the body in a bunched up ball. I would look at my penis hanging there. I've always been a "grower" not a "show-er" and still am. I noticed it would get much bigger (erection) and then back to small (flaccid). It would sometimes get hard by me fondling my penis or just staring at it. It felt so erotic and "naughty" to be naked. It was fun! I recall rubbing my hands all over my butt cheeks and loving the soft and silky feel of the inside of the sleeping bag rubbing against my bare butt. I've always remembered when I was four how I would play with my penis and wondered why it got hard and wouldn't go back down. lol. I used to stare at it when it was hard in amazement and had these undescribable thoughts, emotions, and feelings which were something shy of being horny. I remember at that age sitting naked in an indian style in the closet and staring at my erection standing tall like a tower and it made me feel so powerful, masculine, and in charge for some reason. I liked the feeling of it being hard and my penis being all big, tall, and strectched out. It would last for a long time and I wanted that, that feeling, and that moment to last forever. Aneros has brought me closest to that level of excitement.