Progasm is what I should have got all along

So a new Stag Shop opened up near my house and I decided to support the local economy and fulfil my own wanting of a progasm. The clerk was very friendly in directing me towards the prostate stimulators and sang high praise of the aneros line of products. I mentioned how I enjoyed my own Helix but was somewhat frustrated by its inconsistency in producing enjoyable sessions. She seemed a little surprised by this but I said hopefully the progasm will be better for me. Oh great job on the packing btw, its the clear plastic stuff, but its held together by two buttons of plastic that hold it together like a sandwich. Just pop them open to get access, no scissors required! I got the clear ice one that was released recently and brought it home immediately to try it out. Its probably the most beautiful looking thing that I'll ever put up my butt.

Well, I can say that I was very happy to find the progasm being so much thicker and heavier, something I always felt was missing from the helix. The k-tab seems like a cool new edition, and I knew exactly the feeling they were trying to elicit by adding it and I'm grateful.

So I cleaned myself out and lubed it up and pushed it in. Oh boy did it just feel at home. It started giving feelings much more quickly and with much greater ease than my helix. I was able to have an outstanding 1.5 hour session with it, despite being interrupted twice (phone call and a bm). I had the house to myself so I was able to get extremely vocal and I even started to tear up at one point the feelings were so intense.

I wanted to go on longer but it started to become uncomfortable because of its size so I stopped. I noticed that I had to bm again after the session which is strange for me, so either i had a lot waiting to drop beforehand or the progasm got my peristalsis working overtime. But other than that I was extremely satisfied.

So overall I love my new progasm, it just feels so much better suited for me than the helix and the only slight downside was it getting uncomfortable after awhile. I'm sure I can overcome that with practise though, of which I'll be sure to get plenty of 😉

So 10/10 for me.