dreaming the dream O

This is my first entry on this site. Although I have been blogging on the Ksmo site. Just finished session couple hours ago. Inserted helix lubed and stimed. Erection was not long, helix took over, a couple of milk drops. IT was 3:30pm good for a nap, just got in from work. Partner out sunning reading trying to finish a book. Ksmo'd and slipped into the zone so I knew this had potential. Wave on wave of blissful o's drifted into a dream. I was on a pedestal covered with white sheets enjoying the blissful waves. I felt a little chilled and pulled up one of the sheets around my shoulders. I drifted again but I was stirred by some energetic spasms in my legs. I realized at that point I was lying on my bed with NO sheets at all! The recognition brought an inner smile wouldn't dare disturb the zone I was in. Had no Idea what time it was, my partner can in the bdrm and announced it was 7pm. This was the first session past 1.5 hrs., I had read that it can takes atleast that long in the beginning. I have been active since the 1st of the year. Needless to say that this was a great affirmation of the guidance that is available here and with Jack at Multiples.com. I'm sitting here at 9:30pm my perineum is gently pulsing the beat, as the waves continue through out my body. What a time to be alive!