Why do so many have such poor results?

I cannot understand why there is so much failure out there. When I use my maximus I always get the most intense super O every time. It does not seem possible not to get a super O every time out! I am a staight male and anal play for me was very limited for many years by not having the right partner to explore with. I am married and straight sex seemed to be fine. Somehow I slowly and surprising got interested in my own back door and had to work with my wife to accept what I got into. I tried on my own to insert things but it really didn't do anything for me. When I came across the aneros, it sparked my curiosity and I eventually bought one. It took several months of playing with it discreetly without my wife's knowledge. I would have sex with her with it in without telling her and got away with it for a while. When I was in my trial period I figured out several things. First, lying in bed and contracting was not a good way to use it. I found that it almost never gave enough stimulation to achieve the "goal." What made me achieve my first superO was when I was wearing it one night, found myself walking around with it in due to doing routine things around the house. When a friend came by unexpectedly I had to sit in a chair with it in for a while. It felt really uncomfortable at first but after a while I got use to it. After my friend left and I got up to walk him to the car I was standing and talking and I started to shift my weight from one leg to the other. When he left and I came back in, I contracted my muscles and all of a sudden I felt something strange and awesome. The more I contacted the more intense it started to feel. This feeling started growing and growing. I walked over to the couch and lyed dowm and for the next 30 minutes I started to feel the effects of what this toy can do. By the time I was done I was exhausted and exhausted the next day also. I found that not lying around, but being up and about with the aneros in was the way to get it going. Everytime I use it now, I would put it in to go out to dinner, or go on and errand. It seemed to me that physical walking and standing or sitting got it going. For instance, when I drive my car and I have in, I get the most intense feelings and orgasms while I'm driving. Please be advised that it is hard to drive and have this in, but it is a nice bumpy car ride that gets it going for me. So physical movement by walking and contracting rather than laying down is a better way to get off. Even riding a bicycle is great also. These kind of movements is what creates the better stimulation to begin the jouney to a superO. The greater the vigorous stimulation, the easier to achieve a lasting super O. I wish I had more time to into further detail but I have to cut this short for now. I hope this helpful and ask questions if anyone wants further insite.


  1. My sentiments EXACTLY! You have hit the male right on the head, I mean nail … Me too, walk, sit, drive, the hardware store! Home Depot was a real trip, intense waves on aisle 10, exploded at the check-out. The clerk asked if I was ok, I told him, " sure no problem, just the regular pain-in-the arse thoughts that are bugging me right now"

    Can't more than agree with every word of your post.

  2. I'm glad someone else found "the way". I like going out and doing things with it in. Sometimes at dinner in a restaurant I just phase out with explosions and the people I'm with ask me if I'm ok.I tell them I am just fine. Its such a trip to be in public or with other people. Its better out of the house than in.

  3. If it slips out you might be using either too much lube or maybe you need a bigger size. Tighter pants or maybe tighty whities will help. Something has to hold it in. Another thing that will help is to put some type of sleeve over it to make it thicker at the tab end so it can be bigger which makes it harder to slide out.

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