Nice results again!

So, I have to remind myself to type up these blogs right after an Aneros session. As I seem to lose a fair amount of the enthusiasm the next day. LOL

Yesterday I had two sessions. The first one was fantastic! The second a lot more milder. I seem to be back on track to not having a super-T at the end of the session. So I'm abstaining from ejaculating. Yesterdays first session was amazing, and I knew prior to starting. I was sitting at my computer, and my whole body felt electric, my nipples were constantly hard and sensitive. It felt like my whole body was charged energetically. I hardly needed any looking at porn to get me ready.

I've found recently that arching my back while laying on my back really helps with feeling pleasure. It's like the P-tab, and the head on the Progasm really hit the right spot in that position. I was able to attain a swollen, very aroused, and very sensitive prostate several times throughout the session. Also the sensitive part on the front side of the anus was really sensitive and pleasurable. Several times I could feel it move upwards towards the prostate. Wow! Boy when you can find a fantasy that really gets you going, it also really makes the world of difference.

As I type this I feel my body getting excited again. I guess I'll be having another session soon. 😀 LOL