Prostate cries for orgasm

Well… So much for abstaining from ejaculation. Let me explain. Yesterday I had another morning Aneros session. It was fantastic! But no further breakthrough into finding super-O's. And then through out the day my prostate kept crying for orgasm/pleasure. It's pleasant torture, but it's still torture. So later in the day I did an no-Aneros session while looking at porn on the computer. And got much further to going over the top. I think one of the big differences between an Aneros session, and a no-Aneros session, is that I find I can squeeze voluntary contractions much harder without the Aneros inserted and get amazingly pleasurable results. Where as with an Aneros inserted, I find that harder contractions often have diminishing results. It's the lighter contractions that seem to work better with an Aneros.

So anyway, I got so close in my no-Aneros session that it frustrated the hell out of me. So I went to have another Progasm session to see if I could go further, but no luck. Actually less results than without the Aneros. So I caved in and had a super-T. Unfortunately, it felt more like I was just ejaculating, and not really orgasming. So it was a real let down in the pleasure department. But man, I sure did cum a whole bunch! LOL And at least the cries of my prostate have died down to a more tolerable level since then. I'm gonna try and give myself today off. And then back into the Aneros sessions tomorrow.


  1. I totally get this. The better you become at abstaining for the purposes of building arousal, the tougher it becomes to hold off. And then when you "give in", it seems like such a let down. But sometimes you just have to go for it so you can think about something else for while!


  2. Agreed J4!
    Sometimes I do indeed have other things to do than trying to get my prostate to orgasm! LOL


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