A Senior Citizen's Progress

I turned 70 years in February this year.

For many years I have been interested in the concept of males enjoying the benefits of multiple orgasms and first signed up for Jack Johnson’s KSMO seminar in 2004. Unfortunately, I have never been able to practice the Key Sound conscientiously. However, I have over the years developed some skill in the practice of ‘edging’. This I am able to do more or less continuously for up to an hour. (I didn’t even know it had a name until I came across this site)! By the way, I have also, for several years been doing daily exercises of my PC muscles, and this has greatly helped recent events.

Meanwhile, a couple of months ago, during a routine checkup, my physician declared that I have a slightly enlarged prostate and described some rather unpleasant remedies for it. This drove me to do some research on the internet, and hence, I arrived at the Aneros site.

I first bought the SGX and MGX models, which received their initial use in late June. I have so far had four sessions with the SGX and about half a dozen with the MGX. Whilst I quickly found both models comfortable and that they both provided pleasant sensations, the MGX quickly became my favourite. (I have also tried the Eupho just once, but I am clearly not ready for its subtleties just yet)!

Last week, I took delivery of a Helix, with which I have now had just four sessions. The first session provided similar responses to the MGX. The second session produced nothing remarkable at all. In fact I was somewhat disappointed and was seriously contemplating returning to the MGX. By the way, I should add in passing, that I had taken the step of fitting an eye dropper bulb to the abutment tab of each of the models I have used, including the Helix.

The night before last, I removed the eye dropper bulb from the Helix and received an immediate benefit. I am sure I had a mini-O that night. After about half an hour of applying very light PC contractions, I tried making one of moderate strength which I continued to hold for about three minutes. Immediately on starting that long contraction, my heart began to race to at least 120 beats per minute and I felt a sensation like an electric charge develop in my loins. This I kept going for at least three minutes, before relaxing, upon which the charge feeling dissipated but my heart continued to pound for at least the next ten minutes!

The reason for my excitement to write this post is that last night I was able to replicate the previous night’s actions plus some! As usual, I injected a couple of mils of lube into my rectum before lubeing up the Helix and inserting it into my anus immediately before retiring for the night.

As usual, I lay still on my right side, for about ten minutes to allow my new friend to become completely comfortable. I then commenced a series of very mild two-second PC contractions which I continued for about half an hour. On completion of these, I applied one long moderate contraction of both PC and sphincter muscles simultaneously. Almost immediately, my heart began to race and the electrical charge feeling returned to my loins. This sensation spread rapidly down both legs and up my torso into my arms, so that, within seconds I felt my entire body was gripped by an impending orgasm. This time, I held onto the contraction and after about half a minute further, I could feel my entire body begin to shake. The shaking became steadily stronger and was completely beyond my control so long as the contraction was maintained. I became aware that my wife was asleep beside me and I began to fear that she might wake up and be frightened that I was having a fit! Accordingly, I relaxed the contraction and the shaking subsided.

Soon afterwards, the charged feeling also subsided but my heart rate continued at least 120 beats per minute for the following ten minutes or so. I believe I have just described a full-body prostate orgasm which continued for at least three minutes. I then lay still for some minutes before rolling over onto my left side. I found by repeating the same pattern of contractions, I was able to repeat the process, although this time, there was no shaking. For the next hour or so I lay wide awake but filled with the most wonderful sense of calm and wellbeing. I desperately wanted to take my darling wife in my arms so that she too could share this feeling.

The following morning, I was able to break the news to her and tell her of the existence of my new little friend. I have promised to take tonight off but I can hardly wait for tomorrow night!


  1. Welcome, congratulations and well-done on your progress. Always good to know there's someone else in my 'age-range,' — particularly when they outdistance me — good indicator that there's hope on the horizon! …nb09

  2. Welcome Pommie to this great community! So glad to see you staring your blog!, and with this post of great progress! Welcome then too as a confirmed member of the Super O Society! If I can help further as per the PM I sent you today, I'd be happy to point to other resources.

    Congratulations and keep posting here!

    all the best to you both


  3. i have mine ordered and can not wait to get it and try it. it may come today or sat. hopefully it is here by sat if it is not i will be upset.

  4. My welcome is extended also, Pommie! I'll be 60 next month and my Aneros adventure has opened up a spectrum of sensations and experiences w/ myself and wife I never knew were possible. Some time ago, one of my cardiologists told me to just get used to my inability to hold an erection – that's what happended to men my age. Lucky for us we didn't let our doctors convince us sex was a blessing reserved just for the younger guys! Enjoy every moment of your journey, Pommie! Take care.

  5. gretings from another pommie, I too have been using the MGX for a couple of years now and enjoy every minute/hour with it,
    My next task will be to obtain a Helix, your blog done the trick, BTW I am almost 76 .it,s the tassie climate!

  6. I know I might be getting ahead of myself a bit here, but yesterday, I received a Progasm Ice (which my retailer had told me I should have bought in the first place)!
    This would have to be the most sensuous piece of kit I have ever laid eyes on. I could hardly wait to give it a try out, even though there was only a window of a few minutes available!

    In Southeast Australia, we are currently suffering a drought, so water conservation is high on our priority list. Accordingly, because of the type of hot water service we have, to save water, my wife J. and I have an arrangement whereby she showers first and I follow immediately while it is still running. As J. announced she was about to start her shower, I knew I had just a few minutes to play with my new friend.

    I injected (by means of the eye dropper) about 3ml lube into my rectum and then liberally covered the PI with lube. I tried to insert the PI from the crouching position but it was obvious that would be too painful. So, I lay on my left side on the floor with my left leg straight and my right leg bent and pointing upwards. In this position, taking it very slowly, I began to insert the PI, using the recommended Spooning technique. Was surprised to find that it went in quite easily. After some seconds, I received a call from J. summoning me for my shower. I eased the PI out and was again surprised, this time to find out how far it had gone in!. By this time I had at least three quarters of an erection and there was a considerable flow of precum from my penis. I also noticed that on completing my shower, my penis was still producing precum! This exercise has taught me that I will need some practice in insertion to become acquainted with the PI before attempting a session with it.

    That night I decided to go back to my little friend, the Helix for a session. This began as usual with a time of rest and about half an hour of very light PC contractions. Within twenty minutes or so, I began to experience a number of P waves which continued with decreasing intensity for about ten minutes. Soon afterwards, I fell asleep for what must have been about an hour and a half.

    On awaking at nearly two in the morning, with the Helix still in place, I thought I might try the procedure used by “thicktop4u” in the Forum Post “My First Super O” (March 11th 2005). Essentially, this involves using the mind to bring on an orgasm without using any contractions at all. I did just that, and can report that IT WORKS! Actually, I may not have had a full-blown orgasm but I certainly did have several P waves that came and went over a period of at least ten minutes. Still, this is early days in my travels, and it looks thoroughly promising.

  7. Pommie:
    As another old-timer (71) I was pleased to read your blog and see that this remarkable community is represented down-under (welcome to you too, Wirralman – that tassie climate must be working). I have only been at this for about 3 weeks, so you boys are a bit a head of me, but I feel that I am following a similar path to you. I’ll look forward to reading of your progress. And Starr831: what a powerful lesson not to believe everything your doctor tells you.

  8. seems as if i will fit rite in no pun in tended.as i am 66 this month .sure would love to hear about theProgasm Icemodel as the lad that was going to take it fer a ride ,was waiting for a shower..vic

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