Continued Progress

I know I might be getting ahead of myself a bit here, but yesterday, I received a Progasm Ice (which my retailer had told me I should have bought in the first place)!
This would have to be the most sensuous piece of kit I have ever laid eyes on. I could hardly wait to give it a try out, even though there was only a window of a few minutes available!

In Southeast Australia, we are currently suffering a drought, so water conservation is high on our priority list. Accordingly, because of the type of hot water service we have, to save water, my wife J. and I have an arrangement whereby she showers first and I follow immediately while it is still running. As J. announced she was about to start her shower, I knew I had just a few minutes to play with my new friend.

I injected (by means of the eye dropper) about 3ml lube into my rectum and then liberally covered the PI with lube. I tried to insert the PI from the crouching position but it was obvious that would be too painful. So, I lay on my left side on the floor with my left leg straight and my right leg bent and pointing upwards. In this position, taking it very slowly, I began to insert the PI, using the recommended Spooning technique. Was surprised to find that it went in quite easily. After some seconds, I received a call from J. summoning me for my shower. I eased the PI out and was again surprised, this time to find out how far it had gone in!. By this time I had at least three quarters of an erection and there was a considerable flow of precum from my penis. I also noticed that on completing my shower, my penis was still producing precum! This exercise has taught me that I will need some practice in insertion to become acquainted with the PI before attempting a session with it.

That night I decided to go back to my little friend, the Helix for a session. This began as usual with a time of rest and about half an hour of very light PC contractions. Within twenty minutes or so, I began to experience a number of P waves which continued with decreasing intensity for about ten minutes. Soon afterwards, I fell asleep for what must have been about an hour and a half.

On awaking at nearly two in the morning, with the Helix still in place, I thought I might try the procedure used by “thicktop4u” in the Forum Post “My First Super O” (March 11th 2005). Essentially, this involves using the mind to bring on an orgasm without using any contractions at all. I did just that, and can report that IT WORKS! Actually, I may not have had a full-blown orgasm but I certainly did have several P waves that came and went over a period of at least ten minutes. Still, this is early days in my travels, and it looks thoroughly promising.

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  1. Good day, Pommie! It's great to hear of your continuing progress. And, yes, the Progasm Ice is quite a piece of work. I find with myProgasm Icethat it inserts much more easily after I have a half-hour or so with my Helix. Then I inject about 5 ml of glycerin-free Astroglide, lube up theProgasm Iceand go for it. Using a scooping-type of action when inserting also helps. My most enjoyable part of the insertion process comes as the second half of theProgasm Iceslides firmly into place. Developing a relationship with the Big Boy does take a bit of time; but, it will be well worth it. My wife enjoys watching me insert; and, she actually inserts my Aneros for me frequently – saying it's a real turnon for her. Now that I've found Aneros, I'm not going to mind turning 60 next month nearly as much. I'll lookforward to your upcoming progress reports, Pommie! Take care.

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