Curious sensations

So yesterday, after two or three days of ejaculation abstinence, I was having a no-Aneros session in my computer chair while looking at some porn on the internet. I was having some pretty strong prostate buzzing sensations prior to this, which prompted me to have this session. And boy was I glad I did. Lately for some reason, the involuntaries have been close to non-existent in my no-Aneros sessions which is unusual. And I had no idea why. So I figured since I wasn't getting much response in that department anyway, I'd experiment with just relaxing my anal and PC muscles. And WHAM! The pleasure and energy sensations in my prostate jumped up a notch in a new way than I had experienced before and were oh so delightful! In addition to the involuntaries returning and adding very significantly to the pleasure and build up. I never got past this plateau. But it is a new record for me. And without an Aneros! The only thing I can figure is that maybe the PC and/or anal muscles need to tone up initially with the voluntary contractions. But perhaps once you get to the point where they are in shape and strong. You need to change your strategy to relaxing them instead. Just a hypothesis.

So later that day, I had an Aneros session with my Progasm. And I'm finding that lately these session don't compare much to my no-Aneros sessions. The pleasure is just not as intense, I don't feel the energy sensations, and because of this in frustration I often end up having a super-T. At least this time it was a good super-T! LOL

So I'm not sure if I'm going to continue having Aneros sessions, when my no-Aneros sessions seem to be progressing further and are better. One thing I have noticed, is that when my prostate swells in arousal. It leaves very little room for the Progasm to move around. It kind of holds it in place. It makes me wonder if this is why some guys like the smaller models. Perhaps it is time for me to re-visit the usage of my MGX, Helix, or Peridise to see if this makes a difference. I'm open to input from you guys that can super-O and prefer the smaller sized models. Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. Hey Love_is: i know I have mentioned this before but my toy of choice is the Eupho. I have tried many of these models but this one hits the exact spot for me. All of us have different anatomies and I think you will need to get the right model that hits your spot. I am 6'1 and very slim. The Helex just didn't do it for me but for most other people it's their #1 choice. I remember the first time I used the Eupho it felt like it hit me funny. It felt uncomfortable. I was dissappointed and didn't use it for a few days. I tried it again and this time I relaxed (a little base line pressure) and I was off to never never land within minutes. Funny thing is I start with Eupho and then as I tire I will switch to other models and off I go again. As an example, Helix has never given me an orgasm by itself but I have had great sessions with it after using Eupho. I think you probably haven't found the right model for you. I feel an overweight 5 foot 4 person might use a different model than a 6'4 slim guy. Also, I have found that abstinence doesn't work for me. I recently went on a trip and was abstinent for 1 week. I couldn't wait to get to my Eupho. I was dissappointed as I seemed less stimulated. That lasted for a few days then all went back to normal. (thank you god) I am pretty much an every other day or 3 days guy. If I go longer my BPH symptoms begin appear.

  2. Thank you for this information LivingLarge. I've been wondering about the Eupho since I've notice this issue with the Progasm. So I just might consider purchasing it in the future. I'll have to give my smaller models that I own a try to see if they will work for me again before laying down the cash for a Eupho.

    Yeah, ejaculation abstinence is funny for me sometimes. Sometimes too much abstinence makes the buzzing and tingling go away, and then Aneros sessions don't produce much sensation. At that point having a masturbation session or two will bring these back. I've found that in my normal routine that if I happen to super-T in an Aneros session. And don't overdue it by going for a second and third ejac that same day. The next day I'll be able to feel and cultivate the tingles and butt buzz. Everything in moderation? LOL

  3. Am glad that LivingLarge already spoke up in favor of the Eupho, since that was my first thought upon reading your post: Might the Eupho be a "magic middle" between a larger insertion and no insertion at all?

    Unless you're pretty cash-strapped, I'd suggest that it would certainly be worth your gamble. I started out with the MGX, but then had my Eupho ordered and received within five days, and it's just opened up all the doors for me. I try going back to my larger MGX semi-often for its different experience, but there's no just no comparison to the "slender dancer."

    Also, different/unrelated thought, but in terms of involuntaries and insertionless activity, I wonder how much it's been mattering that I often sleep with my Eupho in? That is, I wonder if that's encouraging any further subconscious awareness/muscle experience?

  4. Thanks for your input Tremelo. 🙂

    Another vote for the Eupho! 😀

    I'm not sure what sleeping with an Aneros in does. I've never done it. With the exception of briefly unintentionally napping during a session. For me the practice of the voluntary anal and PC contractions, in conjunction with ejaculation abstinence and focusing on wildly arousing fantasies is what seems to really bring me hopefully closer to super-O's.

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