no-Aneros double show!

So as of yesterday I seem to finally be back in peak arousal. It's probably been somewhere around one week since I last ejaculated. And it doesn't take much to get me aroused and for the pleasure sensations in my perineum, anus, and prostate to occur. 😀

So yesterday my anus was a little sore from what I think was just too much Aneros action that I was doing daily. So I consciously made a decision to give myself a day off from it. But in the mean time that day, I once again had two amazing no-Aneros sessions in the morning and evening! These are by far, once again, my best sessions yet! Really pleasurable! And I remember at one point in the first session where I felt a sense of sexual satisfaction. That was a first for not ejaculating! I don't really understand why the sitting position with no-Aneros gives me better results than an Aneros session. But I guess I'm not really complaining at this point. Just curious. So I'm starting to wonder if I am perhaps experiencing some sort of mini or dry orgasm already without really knowing it. I feel like there is certainly further to go with this. But perhaps I am closer, or already there.

Buster clued me into this idea during last weekends chat session. His thoughts were that the circling the drain feeling is where you need to be. That is the super-O feelings, or what becomes them as you become more conscious and observant of the sensations. Any thoughts?


  1. WOW! Congratulations Love_is!

    IMHO, you are at the gates opening to the full energetics deal. When you give your body the day off to do its own thing, a crucial step to gaining/rewiring these spontaneous energetic responses, and day offs are worth doing on a regular basis IMHO, and you are getting strong Butt Buzz, dry-Os, Chairgasms (as Hlaser named them and experiences them daily now!!) and "satisfaction", you are on your way to the higher plateaus. You are "already there" in a very important way, with much more to come as you journey goes more vertical.

    Enjoy the feelings of your body/mind building these sensations and response patterns. Enjoy the growable and growing pleasures of the days off! The Super-O comes in many flavours and radically different physical forms from the heaving full body active, to the ethereal still body universal ecstasies that can hardly be put intro words, and many variants in between.

    Wonderful news Love_is!

    all the very best on your journey from here


  2. Love_is today I was going to blog the same experience, but you beat me to it. Last night I was too tired I nearly fell asleep during the initial relaxation phase, no P-waves so I gave up, removed the Aneros, and went to sleep. At 3 O'clock in the morning I was awakened by a throbbing prostate and soon started to shake in ecstasy and no Aneros in sight. The only way I could stop, get up and do housework.

    I only hope tonight the prostate will let me sleep.

  3. Thank you artform and alv. I appreciate the support, similar experiences, thoughts and observations.

    I still think the two of you are far in advance of what I am experiencing. Even though I am starting to enjoy what I get out of my sessions. But I am extremely happy that you both can achieve such amazing pleasure. Artform, you talk like I have already achieved super-O's. Yet I don't personally feel like I have yet. But I think that I am well on my way with these recent occurrences. Maybe soon. 😀

    On a side note…
    I discovered that my sore and irritated anus was not from too much Aneros play. But from me eating hot and spicy Mexican food several days in a row. I can't believe I forgot about this problem from last time it occurred! LOL It's too bad, because I love to eat hot and spicy foods. But many days in a row is apparently too hard on my poor anus. I'll have to only eat it occasionally. 🙁 Ah well…


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