A Do-Over

So, after buying the product earlier this year with hopes of being one of the few that experiences amazing results in no time, I found that I didn't feel anything life altering. It was more uncomfortable than comfortable, so I put it in my sock drawer and forgot about it. I recently got a new dresser and when I was transferring my clothes over, I found it again. I wasn't feeling particularly horny, but I decided that instead of watch porn and stimulating my penis, I would try again. Popped it in and just laid there for a couple of minutes. Well, I felt something twitch and boom something took over. The first sign was my heart rate started to speed up, and I my penis started to twitch and I got a semi-wood. I tried to breathe through it. I got waves of a feelings that felt like they were building. I was on pins and needles hoping for a new level of wave. Then my heart rate went back to normal. It may have lasted about 5 minutes, but I am not watching the clock when this is happening. Well, needless to say I want more. I want to get that Super-O. I laid there for another 45 minutes, and near experienced the waves again, but I will stay that I was hornier than ever. The next day I was just sitting at my desk and my heart started to quicken a little and I knew it was time for me to start another session, but I had somewhere to be and I didn't have time. Later that night, I did a new session of 1 hour, but I didn't get anything. It was more uncomfortable than anything. I used a generous amount of lube and I wasn't dry by any means, but I feel like it burns a little closer to the hole.
I am having a hard time finding useful links in the forum. I looked for a sticky that was for beginners and training techniques, but all I find is success stories. I decided to start this blog because I want to track my progress. I have lots of questions about how many times a week I should attempt, but the forum is so disorganized that I might just post them here and see if I get a response.

Thanks for reading.


  1. make sure to relax first, once you have the aneros inside you lay down and start anal contractions, not hard ones,soft and repetitive. keep doing them and you should feel your legs and pelvic area trembling. this whole time make sure to do controlled breathing as well with your contractions. try this and good luck!!

  2. I am a success story but it took me almost 2 years. Enjoy the journey and may your trip be shorter than mine!! In hindsight……..for me, it was worth the wait. LL

  3. I got the email when I joined the forum and it was WAY helpful. The Wiki has cleared a lot of questions, so onward. Thank you for the feedback. I will post more as my session continue. THANKS!

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