New discoveries

So last night as I started a no-Aneros session sitting in front of my computer while looking at porn, I noticed that I wasn't having much sensations. I also noticed that my conscious contractions had unknowingly shifted to PC muscles only. So just to experiment I tried contracting just my anal muscles, and was pleasantly surprised by very pleasurable sensations. So I worked with holding a quite firm anal contraction, and found that it kept the level of pleasurable sensations quite high. And that unconscious anal contractions would still occur within this firm hold that were very nice. I probably mixed in some PC muscle squeezes in there also.

This got me wondering if perhaps what I thought to be light squeezes were not hard enough. As I've often read posts in the forum about the muscles in the anus and PC group needing to acclimate and tone up. This also gave me the idea that there is more to the Peridise then I may have previously understood.

So I started an Aneros session with my Progasm. It was ok. I tried doing the firm anal contractions, which felt good. But I noticed that the Progasm stem is too large in diameter to get those wildly pleasurable sensations on hard anal squeezes that I was getting in my no-Aneros session. And it also seemed like the Progasm went too deep past my prostate on hard squeezes. I'm not sure how important that is. But switching out the Progasm for the largest of the advance Peridise confirmed my suspicions. I was able to get similar sensations with firm anal squeezes as I did in my no-Aneros session. On top of that, I got this wonderful sensation of the Peridise kind of squirming in my ass. That was a really nice sensation!!!

This approach I took really seems to go against the popular idea that you relax and do nothing in an Aneros session. But I'm following where the pleasure takes me. And I'm starting to find that experimentation is really important, because the same techniques and approach don't always give you the same or consistent results. So this will be an interesting path to follow. I don't know if I'll be able to repeat it. But it sure will be fun trying! 😀


  1. Hey Love_is
    Tks for this blog post and, congrats on the 'less might be more' thots. My Progasm experience is similar… difficult to get good differentiation between the sphincter and the PC group. I'm really tempted to reshape the stem on the Progasm. But I also realize that a smaller stem is going to take more sphincter muscle to drive the beast. Any thots on that?

  2. Hey Love_is, glad to see you back! I think your observations are correct. Experimentation is a must. We are all different in size and weight and each model has a different design. What model works for me may not work for you. What technic works for me may also not work for you. That's the most frustrating thing about this journey. We can post general guidelines but we must each find our own individual methods. Experiment away my friend. Again, glad to see you back in blogland!! LL

  3. I am also into anal contractions. If I squeeze my anal muscles one way I get a contraction that goes all the way up my anal canal. Each of these contractions are very pleasurable and eventually brings me to organism; leaving me totally satisfied. I do these contractions everyday.

  4. Thanks for all the comments folks. 🙂

    In hindsight now, I will say this. I don't recommend hard contractions with the Progasm. As the next day my prostate was very sore. I think you can get away with it with the Peridise, and perhaps some of the smaller prostate massagers. But the Progasm is just too large and right on the prostate for that to be a comfortable experience afterwards. You'd think I'd have learned this lesson by now… Oh well. LOL

    Hi newbie2009, 🙂

    You absolutely can separate and get differentiation of the PC and anal muscle groups with the Progasm. I do it all the time. It just takes practice. As far as reshaping the stem on the Progasm… I wouldn't do it. They are shaped in a very specific way to produce a certain kind of balance. I think it would be very easy to screw that up. Plus you don't know if there might be small air bubbles in the plastic as you whittle it down that would mar the surface. You're better off to buy or use a smaller model that fits what you are looking for.

    Plus keep this in mind…
    Once again in hindsight, I recognize that this last experience was while I was in somewhat of a lull. There was absolutely none of the energetic feelings during these sessions, and before and after. No butt buzz, no prostate tingle, and so on. I think I was trying to force the issue so to speak. I don't believe that the Aneros devices work this way if you want to achieve super-O's. There is something very much to do with the energetic sensations that I suspect are important to have and develop, in addition to the physical sensations to achieve super-O's. At least that's my hypothesis. In addition, I've learned that those energetic sensation spontaneously occurring can be a good cue of when it's time to have a session. But not always.


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