A Weekend by the Sea

We spent three nights in a unit beside the Great Ocean Road in Southwest Victoria, so close to the sea that the sound of the surf was the pre-eminent presence.
On the first night, immediately before retiring, I injected 2 or 3 ml lube into my rectum and then well lubricated my Helix. The night's session was not spectacular, largely I assumed, because it had been a long drive to get to the unit, and I had been persuaded to embibe a couple of glasses of champagne earlier in the evening. I probably fell asleep before giving the Helix a fair chance to work its magic.

The second night began much as the previous one. The surf had quietened down considerably from the first night, but I had still had a couple of glasses of wine earlier in the evening. At bedtime, I injected 2 or 3 ml of lube and well lubricated the Helix before retiring for the night. At first I dosed off for almost an hour, but upon wakening at about 11:30PM, I noted that J. was asleep and breathing heavily, so I commenced a few light PC contractions. Was surprised to find that P waves began almost immediately and grew in intensity; no doubt spurred on by my making a continuous contraction of the PC muscles. The P waves continued with varying intensity for about 15 minutes, but following slight relaxation, they began again for a further quarter of an hour.
The spell was unceremoniously broken by the fact that the bedside radio/alarm unaccountably switched itself on, waking J. and forcing me to turn on the light to find the appropriate controls. Since the “OFF” switch clearly wasn’t working, we resorted to turning the volume right down and allowed the surf to drown out any residual volume of the scratchy radio signal. I rather assumed that the night’s proceedings would have finished.
However, to my surprise, as soon as I had settled comfortably again, lying on my right side, recommencing slight PC contractions immediately restored the P waves. In fact, they seemed even more powerful than before, and I became aware after some minutes, that the big toe of my left foot was involuntarily twitching. This series of waves was to continue without a break, for at least the next three quarters of an hour.
About half way into this session, it also became quite clear that it was the Helix that was driving the process. Even if I relaxed completely, the waves continued, and all I had to do, (as others have advised), was to go along for the ride! I was also aware of having at least a partial erection for most of the time, even though my hands were nowhere near my penis. At the end of the session, there was quite a pool of precum below where the end of my penis had been.
The session only came to an end through shear fatigue and my nether regions were beginning to become a bit sore. That, I put down to the breaking down of the water-based lubrication I was using. So I removed the Helix and was asleep within a few minutes!

The third night involved the same preparation as before. Anticipation was high but I suspect that the lack of sleep on the previous two nights was beginning to take its toll. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, and awoke again about an hour later. Although I was then able to enjoy about half an hour of fairly intense P waves, they didn't seem to be leading anywhere, so I ended the session early. I was not upset by the apparent lack of progress. The session was still a pleasant one to enjoy and it was not accompanied by any sense of pressure.

Summing up, I would say that the little holiday was a success and the middle night will stay in my memory as an experience I long to repeat!


  1. It is great Pommie hear of more progress on your inner journey during your travels with J! Having been a sailor (recreational), just the sound of the surf can help to get me going. Enjoying whatever progress or surprises happen along the way is certainly the way to enjoy this journey!

    One of the things that mrs. a notice and was delighted by when I have an Aneros in and we are having p/v intercourse, is that, if I do a moderate to strong contraction with the aneros having backed off first, she feels the little "bump" as the aneros contacts my prostate again, as well as the whole muscular movement in making the contraction. She feels pleasure, primarily at the Gspot, from that little jolt which seems to also pack some energy transfer, and feels my aneros "directly" benefiting her too! Together we feel the aneros/prostate/penis/Gspot (her prostate) as a great pleasure train. How Freudian is that!? 🙂

    all the best to you both



  2. I must not be fully awake! Don't remember doing the signature twice! 🙂

    onward with your adventures P!

  3. just a tad jealous ,but wondered ?did you leave it in all nite ?meaning the previous session

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