3 Weeks Into The Journey

Well I have just completed three weeks of my journey through the land of anal and prostate stimulation and it has been quite a joruney.

Last nite I had a remarkable session, everything came together. After I inserted my helix I began shaking and it just went on from there. I was able to relax and then started gentle contractions. I immediately starting thuderous Os, evolving into super Os. One right after another; they pull me into a ball and the pleasure just keeps coming. The next that happen was the helix just took over; it went were it wanted to. I now could hook the Os together for an extended period of time. I saw lights and a bright sky and felt like i was floating. I just laid on my side and let the pleasure flow.

When I was finished, I was so energized. I had to talk to someone about this experience; I found goatman an ohmy aneros and told them my story.
This excited me more and I masterbated. What a nite!

I sit here this morning shaking and contracting (just had a chairgasm)telling this story. I need to control myself I have a lot of work to do.
Aneros what a find!


  1. Distribute these things to the masses. Then there would be a whole lot of guys walking around with satisfied smiles on their faces!!

  2. FLOAT + FLOW man, you have IT!!…

    more to come…

    control will come as your gentle intentions connect through deeply relaxed gentle attention to it


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