Helix gave an anal orgasm

So this was something new that I thought warranted a blog entry.

I did my usual of reading some erotica before lubing up and slipping in the Helix. Used a recent forum post suggestion to get it halfway in and just let the body suck it up into place.

Started on my hands and knees with things going as they normally do, you know the feelings are great but its essentially what happens every time for me. Stayed like that for about 1/2hr before laying down on my side.

I'd been trying this position out before and enjoyed it a lot because it seems to really allow a great freedom of movement and keeps the p-tap snug against the perineum.

I was enjoying that for awhile and very quickly the feeling approached, like I was suddenly getting very urgent signals from just inside the anus about the Helix rubbing up against there. I was a little surprised and then just followed my body's direction and concentrated there.

All of a sudden the intestinal walls all the way up to the top of the Helix started to clench on unclench all on their own very intensely. It felt amazing and I was just enjoying the ride. The Helix was bumping up the prostate and perineum adding to the pleasure but the focus was on the squirming intestinal walls.

I then began to have this sudden urge, no, I NEEDED the Helix to go in deeper. My body was just trying to suck it up all the way in. It got to me so bad that I started bring up my top leg and squirm upwards on the bed trying to get it deeper. I was panting at the effort and of course lack of success due to the design of the Helix, but that made my body try harder.

I don't quite remember how I came down from this but I did and just lay there for a bit marvelling at what just happened. Pretty cool.