Making progress!

So I think that I am making some progress towards achieving super-O's. And thought it would be prudent to post my experience and thoughts just after my Aneros session. I was inspired to have a session without looking at porn prior, and just knowing that my body was ready and/or accepting of an Aneros session by Cockadoodle's new thread.

Not that I personally think that porn is bad for you. But it was more of just learning to trust that I could be, and/or make myself aroused without it. So I went into this session not particularly aroused, somewhat tired, and at the tail end of recovering from a hangover headache. Certainly not the best circumstances to go into an Aneros session. So I was quite surprised with the results.

Now the funny thing is, is that what I did during this session goes completely against Cockadoodle's penis not philosophy. For some time now I've not been a strict follower of rules with Aneros play. As I've found that following my pleasure is more important. Although I have for the most part in the last few months adhered to the no penis touching during an Aneros session, and practicing ejaculation abstinence to increase arousal.

The reading I've done here in the forums has shown that other users have success achieving super-O's with different techniques. Woodsman's thread is a good example of that.

And I know I've read a few other posts with similar techniques.
I didn't have a whole lot of sensations going on in my Aneros session. So I thought that I would just gently rub the sensitive backside spot on my penis just below the head. Something I've learned recently is that there is either a muscle I can relax, or just learning to relax the pelvic tension associated with erections that keeps erections at a minimum and disrupts the potential of ejaculating while doing this. The rubbing was just placing my first two fingers on the area and gentling and minimally rubbing in an up and down or circular motion. And sometimes just touching the area without rubbing was enough also. Basically what I was able to achieve was what I believe to be multiple dry-O's. It was a short orgasmic sensation much like I experience while ejaculating. And I had them all within what I would guess to be a five or ten minute period of each other. (I wasn't watching the time) I stopped counting after the sixth one. But I'd guess that I had a little over ten of these dry-O's.

I know it wasn't just edging because for probably about half or more of them I was able to keep rubbing right through the orgasm with no ejaculate coming out. One of them I ejaculated a little, but stopped rubbing as soon as I felt like that was going to happen. The times when I had to stop rubbing for fear of ejaculating, I was surprised to continue to feel orgasmic sensations for a little bit after. At one point I did ejaculate a tiny amount but stopped before it went any further, and was able to keep having dry-O's after a short break. I did at the end super-T. I started ejaculating a little bit and figured what the hell, might as well go for it! LOL A very pleasurable super-T it was! But it made me wonder if I had not followed through with the super-T if I might have perhaps been able to keep going with the dry-O's even though I had ejaculated a little bit.

There appears to be a connection between the times when it seemed a was likely to ejaculate and being either fully or somewhat erect. The times when I was able to keep rubbing my penis right through the orgasm was when I was completely flaccid. So it almost seems like the goal is to completely relax to thus not allow myself to get erect if possible. Although, it seems to be a bit of a contradiction, as I'm also doing some PC muscle squeezes. I didn't have to do any anal muscle squeezes. They occurred on their own. Surprisingly quite forcefully during and just after the orgasm. I also noticed that many time my hips would start bucking uncontrollably up to the onset of the orgasm and through, but not always. I think I made a lot of uncontrollable moaning too. I hope I didn't bother my neighbors too much with that. LOL

The really fascinating part about this, was that each time I got close to orgasming, squeezing my PC muscle, hence pushing my prostate against the Progasm helped a lot. But it was always envisioning a really exciting sexual fantasy that sent me over the top! That blew my mind to recognize that! LOL I also noticed that as I become more experienced at it, that the last three to four orgasms lasted slightly longer than the first bunch of times. And the orgasms did not all feel the same. There were differences in the pleasurable sensations. Some were more intense than others. Some had more extreme unconscious anal contractions along with pleasurable anal sensations of the Progasm moving in and out. But I kept wanting it to keep going. Which is why I orgasmed so many times. 😀 I suspect this is only a step on the road to achieving super-O's. As I hope at some point it will not be necessary to rub my penis to dry-O and more. My experience in this long journey has been that very rarely does anything stay the same. There is always some new discoveries and changes at some point.

I don't know if this information will help anyone in their own Aneros journey. As I know that so many guys have documented their technique to achieving super-O's on this web site. And none of it particularly helped me besides the moral support and reading that it can be done. I'd guess there is a certain inner learning and knowing that has to occur through regular practice before we get there. But I felt it was worth while to document my experience.


  1. Hey love_is — Congrats. Does sound like a significant leap.

    One question — did you forego nip play for arousal?

  2. Wow, good for you. I found that after good progress I would sometime get impatient. I like this statement, "(I wasn't watching the time)". I recall a few sessions like yours before the big one. Trust what's happening and let it happen. I tried so many different things before achieving a super-o. In my opinion, you are on the brink. No matter how nice your first super-o is, that is just the begining. 🙂 LL

  3. Thank you LivingLarge and rook. 🙂

    "Trust what's happening and let it happen."
    I appreciate that statement LivingLarge. I think it is very appropriate. I also think that this breakthrough helps adds to my belief that this is real and possible. Thus like dominoes poorly stacked, each additional one adds to the belief until the whole thing falls over into super-O land.

    Hey rook, 🙂
    You know it's funny, after every Blog post, I almost always inevitably find out that I forgot to type something about the experience. So thanks for asking about nipple play, as that is what I forgot to mention. I did do nipple play both before and after I started rubbing my penis. The interesting things is, that without any penis rubbing, both hands on nipples can often be the dominant sensation unless I'm highly aroused. But one hand on a nipple and one rubbing my penis, my prostate becomes the dominant sensation. So I don't know how much the nip play added to the scenario. But I suppose every little bit helps though! 😀

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