Ok, so I found out tonight that I was able to repeat the multiple dry-O experience many times again! Yeah! 😀 Although I think because I did not wait a day in between sessions, the orgasms didn't seem quite as intense. But they were still enjoyable. So I didn't super-T this time. And no ejaculate came out at all, but a heck of a lot of pre-cum much like last time. I also noticed much like last time, that I got very hot and sweaty during the session as soon as I started orgasming. Again, there were some orgasms that definitely felt like I was edging and had to stop rubbing my penis otherwise I probably would have ejaculated. But other times were I could rub it right through the orgasm with no problems. I'm no longer sure about the correlation I made between being erect making me more likely to ejaculate while rubbing my penis. It didn't seem to be the case this time around.

In hindsight I probably should have used a smaller Aneros than the Progasm, as I was a little sore from the previous days session, and it seemed like when I got really aroused and during orgasm that my prostate swells so large as to interfere with the movement of the Progasm. But once again, perhaps that was more of a problem because I didn't give myself a days rest in between Aneros sessions. I'm not entirely sure about this. But I will experiment as I remember.

The really interesting part of this session was that I found that maybe three out of the many times I dry-O'd, through experimentation I was able to get the orgasmic response of the unconscious anal contractions taking off like crazy and my hips bucking without any penis stimulation at all. It was just fantasy sending me over the top. Now the thing about it, is these were not all that pleasurable compared to when adding penis rubbing to it, very much night and day. But what I find encouraging about this is that it shows that I can get over the top into orgasm without penis stimulation. And that perhaps over time these orgasms will increase in their intensity, and hopefully duration also if I can let go of needing to rub my penis to orgasm during an Aneros session.

I can feel my prostate aching somewhat in a sore way, as I type this. I have to be careful not to over due it with these sessions. But the pleasurable sensations that are occurring in my anus and prostate are difficult to ignore. LOL Plus I just had to see if I could reproduce the same results from the last session! 😀


  1. It so good to see you making the progress you are making. All the "practice" and now your getting rewired. As far as your comment about "perhaps over time these orgasms will increase in their intensity". Let me tell you, this morning I had the most magnificent full body orgasms in which I was just flopping around like a rag doll. No muscles were tensed up I was just flopping. In the last week my super-o's have increased in intensity dramatically. My first real full body orgasm was last week. Today I had 4 of which 3 were beyond what I would have imagined possible. So…..look forward to the intensity increasing. If your thinking of buying another Aneros stimulator, I recommend the Eupho. It has lots of movement. By the way, I had 3 of my full body orgasms using my Helix which has been in my drawer for several months. I think variety is important. Absolutely awesome……………………..

  2. Wow! Thanks for the encouragement LivingLarge! 😀 That's great that it just keeps getting better and better for you!

    I've been thinking about the possibility of purchasing the Eupho for a while now. But I'm not convinced that getting any other different models is going to help me get further at this point. The Progasm works very well for the most part. And has done so consistently. So I'm stick with what I have for the moment.


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