Super E/Super Erection, a new term

Shouldn’t “Super Erection” be a new Aneros term in the Wiki given to the unique erections caused by the Aneros and Peridise models?

So many guys from the Aneros forum that I have chatted with describe the erections they get from the Aneros and all say they’ve never had and never have an erection as hard and in that certain manner when they use the Aneros. Some say you can get the “skin-busting” erections from edging as well but I don’t think they ever reach the degree of getting one when using the Aneros. It’s like the internal pressure on some part of the penis causes an “invisible penis pump.” It’s like an untied balloon that inflates and deflates at a fast rate with the slightest pressure or loss of pressure from the device depending on the anal/rectal contractions.

In the Wiki they mentioned one of the milestones as the penis becoming rock hard, the glans and corona flaring out more than usual and the color of the glans becoming a purplish-red hue and shiny in appearance. That was the old definition, now they just sum it up as a “rock hard erection.” I think they should have kept the former description.

Most guys say basically (and almost identically) the same description of what happens to them when using the Aneros. They mention how the penis becomes longer, harder, and thicker than their average erections with the head of it becoming very red or purple, flared, and shiny in appearance. Many pre-cum a lot and it twitches and throbs a lot at a fast pace. They say their erections have a distinctive fullness feeling and will stand straight up to their belly and rest tightly against it. It was also mentioned that their erections will fluctuate from hard to soft, soft to hard, at an extremely fast rate for a long period of time. I think that would be defined as a form of “erection cycling,” a term in glossary on the Wiki.

I have had these things happen to me and more often when using the Peridise. I tend to have longer and more frequent super erections as well as pre-cum with the Peridise.

Many of them tend to think they are close to the Super O when these things happen? Is that true? I know it’s a milestone but I don’t know how close a milestone makes a person to achieving the Super O. I usually have the best erections over an hour into my sessions. I don’t always have a Super O following a Super Erection or “Super E.”

Have any of you had what is described in these paragraphs or more or less?

I try to remind these guys that while a Super T/ejaculation can result from these erections that ejaculation does not result in the Super O, that the Super O is not a penile based orgasm.

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  1. I rarely get erections during my sessions unless I have taken viagra like when I plan on being with my wife afterward. I do launch into super-o land almost every session though and most always when I am soft.

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