The right fantasy counts the most! ;)

Ok people…
I just had the most amazing Aneros session. 😀

But let me step back a moment in time today. When I woke up this morning I was feeling kind of frisky from a dream. So I figured I might try an Aneros session. Helix first, which never felt comfortable. (I'm starting to think that maybe I've gotten used to how a particular Aneros model feels in me.) So after a bit I removed that, and inserted the Progasm. I just didn't have much results at all. And noticed that I wasn't having a lot of success with the sexual fantasy thing. So it was probably a pretty short session.

Fast forward to later in the day…
I decided to look at some porn for the heck of it on the Internet. I read some erotic stories first, and then looked at some pictures. But it was the stories that really got my imagination going, and my prostate was feeling really, really excited. So this one story really effected me, I read it three times and it excited the hell out of me each time. So I quickly shut off my computer and went to my bed to have an Aneros session with my Progasm. My GOD!!! Many wonderful dry-O's were to be had! Both from rubbing my penis, and some from not. Although the ones without penis rubbing were still low in pleasurable sensations, but still good to experience. Anyways, after many dry-O and probably mini-O's, I edged just a bit too much rubbing my penis, and ejaculated a little bit. So I figured, what the hell, I haven't ejaculated since last Sunday. So it's been about four days. Well let me tell you that was the most amazing super-T and ejaculate spawned orgasm I can ever remember having. The intensity was really, really high! But what really got my attention was the duration felt like a long time! I remember thinking maybe about halfway through it, I can't believe I'm still orgasming! LOL 😀 And then I looked down and saw the biggest pool of cum on my belly I think I've ever seen! Good God! I feel very relaxed, calm, and happy at the moment. What an experience!

The point of this post, is that in my experience I really need a good sexual fantasy to bring with me to the Aneros session to really get highly aroused. In this case it was the story. In others it has been my own made up fantasies. When I am unable to envision something that makes me really aroused, I don't have much success. Something to consider for those of you that are still working your way towards pleasurable sensations and super-O's with Aneros use.