got it down to a science

well i have been at this for about 7 mos so consider myself an expert. today i was getting excited for the chat session to start but decided to do my own session. my body is so in tune now with the progasm that when i think about it my body starts craving it and i start getting very aroused. it had been about a week since my last session so i really wanted to get started. i went to my room and got ready. once i had my progasm inside me i was shaking with pleasure. i got on my back and started my breathing and a few minutes after that i got my contractions going. after only about 30 minutes i had my first big wave of pleasure, this time it was different. they were deep inside and i had some great involuntary contractions. after my third big o i had more of the same involuntary contractions. i love my sessions especially now that i have them down to about 45 min to an hour. cant wait till sunday when i have the whole day to myself!!


  1. Nice rockbttm! I'm glad to hear you have had such good success and in relatively a short amount of time compared to others like me that are in the multi-year practice. Keep at it! 🙂

  2. Yes, rockbttm you have it down. Your experience is very similar to mine. It is a great ride; so much pleasure. enjoy

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