Best position?

Just got mine in the mail and was wondering what the best position to be in when first trying this out?


  1. Inserting on your side should be the easiest. Once you get the lube distributed and the tool warms to match your body temp, pick whatever feels best (for session #1 some guys might correct that to "least worst").

    Eventually, try relaxing on either side, one or both knees bent. That will provide a gravity component you can exploit.

    The better relaxed you are the easier it will become to sense, focus upon and amplify very faint sensations–what it's all about.

  2. Hello marko, 🙂

    Best position is highly individual for each guy. You have to experiment and find what works for you. Here's a link to the relevant entry in the Aneros WIKI.

    Also, generally you will get quicker and more responses by asking questions in the Aneros Forum, than in the Blogs section.

    The Blogs are more for just having a dairy of your Aneros journey.


  3. i think bending over and laying your chest on a dresser or table. Thats the way I have had it done by massage therapist and by a dr. Made me have a huge orgasm both times. All new to me- feels kinda wierd talking about it, but when I jack off while Progasm is in me, the anal contractions squeezing and pushing along with thrusting hips gave me a long good orgasm. New at it too but think I will get into using it more. Getting it in at first is haard and hurts a little but after the tip of it gets in, the rest just swallows up there.

  4. On the bed either sideways with your legs drawn up, or on your back with a small pillow under your tailbone.

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