Return of the Eupho

The night before last, after a break of a week (for reasons which I do not need to go into here), I had the best session ever with my Helix.

Almost as soon as I had got into bed, the P waves began with very little effort from me. The session involved about four periods, each of at least half an hour, consisting of continuous strong P waves. Again I was experiencing the phenomenon of the Helix driving the process once it had begun. The intervals between the periods of waves, I was so relaxed that I could feel myself dozing off. To recommence a period of waves, all that was required was the application of a few mild PC and/or sphincter muscle contractions. The session only ended when I became conscious of the need for sleep.

Last night, I decided to try the Eupho again for the first time in a month. Preparation was exactly as for the previous night, (about 4ml Shea butter formula and light lubrication of the Aneros) followed by insertion of the Eupho just before going to bed. Within minutes of applying a few light PC contractions, I could feel the Eupho forcing me to make a firm PC contraction, which continued for at least the next ten minutes without letup. This was accompanied by a series of strong P waves, and eventually including a shaking of both legs. The process continued as it did the previous night.

The principal differences between the two devices were that the Eupho was quite clearly moving around inside me far more that any other modesl I have tried and that the Eupho didn't take over control of the process in the way that the Helix now seems to do. As against that, on relaxing at the end of the approximately half-hour period of wave activity, the Eupho seems to be saying "Don't think you're finished yet Buddy", and keeps mild waves going while I am trying to rest! Not surprisingly, I felt the need for rest after about three hours and found I had to remove the device in order to get some sleep. So much for the idea of leaving it in place overnight!

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  1. Wonderful to see you getting going with the Eupho Pommie as part of your great progress on your journey!

    all the very best as you reach new heights


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