Like a dog

So, after a relative good first session, I was ready for some more action with my Helix.

Before I actually started with my second session, I aroused myself by downloading some good porn. Next thing was to do some bowel and take a nice hot shower.

This time I used oliveoil to lubricate my anus and Helix. This lubrication is really nice to use, I often use it when I masturbate because it doesnt dry out. The problem I had yesterday though, was that I lubed up the Helix too much, which caused it to drop down and then my fingers got all lubed up, and then I had to clean that really well. Also when I lubed up my anus, I noticed that the perenium area was kind of slippery as well. So I need to do that a bit more gentle the next session. But aside from that, this lubrication is awesome.

So this time I decided that I needed to be well relaxed. I downloaded some music from Air, their album called Moon Safari. I really recommend this type of music for you guys, it gets you really relaxed. Nice and easy listening tunes 😉

After 15 minutues or so, I was really relaxed, and the harsh feelings in my rectum were gone. Along with the listening, I did some breathing exercises, just the normal way of breathing, but more controled this time. After this relaxation period I took out my earplugs and started with some very light contractions. In a few minutes I noticed that the Helix was working on it's own! It was making very gentle movements, which turned me on! It actually caused me to be a bit strangled up with the breathing movements. I had to align them so the contractions were in ritm.

Now it was time for some bigger contractions, and I decided to hold them. When I holded them I felt a warm feeling inside me, and that my body began to shake. I actually could control this shake and make it continue on for some time. I noticed my breathing made some noises, like a dog does when he's exhausted. Immediately I felt a nice tingling in my anus and it felt like a orgasm I have when I masturbate, and I felt I had to shit out the Helix. I can almost surely say that I experienced an anal orgasm.

These feelings were very nice, but I felt that these werent super-O's, cause they didnt last for that long nor were they that intense. I would compare it intense-wise with a penile orgasm.

I got so horny that I took my laptop, and started up some porno and masturbated it off. I just couldn't handle it anymore.

Can anyone identify the feelings I had, and have tips for me to let the session last some longer?

I'm thinking of doing no contractions whatsoever in my next session, and let the Helix do all the work! I'm really curious what will happen then.

I keep you guys tuned.



  1. YEAH. …………. and YEAH !!!

    I love these Raunchy, Raucus and Reprehensible (the "3R's" of Aneros) sessions. My wife calls them "sweaty and gross" but still laughs at me. She makes me launder the towels, washcloths and sometimes the sheets afterwards.

    Also fun with an SGX or MGX as you can 'buzz' the stem ribs through your anus. Careful though since that can lead to ejections. My Turn and I were vying for the distance record a couple of months ago. 🙂

    Keep up the good work! And, yes any more ano-rectal ideas are always welcome.

    my own feeling is that 3R sessions have too much brain and body "noise" to yield a true Super-O. they are no doubt couunterproductive to, "the journey" butt are great side trips along the road. 😀

  2. Sounds like you're making awesome progress. That's p-waves and a Mini-Orgasm for you. Just think you can multiple of these throughout your session. It's still only going to get better. Great job so far!

  3. Congratulations Bungles! Both on your great initial progress, mr. natural, and on your excellent storytelling here in your blog. You lubricate your narrative with your natural energies and that is a great gift to share too!

    carry on joyously


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