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A brief report on several weeks of exploration.

I’ve learned that many factors affect my access to pleasure. Lack of sleep, diet, relationships, problems at work can all be obstacles. I find that they aren’t insurmountable, but they make the process more exacting.

My Helios finally arrived, and its arrival coincided with a period of difficulties in the various areas I’ve enumerated. For a couple of weeks I experimented with it, but the results were not much more than gently pleasurable. I even went back briefly to the Classic to see if maybe the problem wasn’t that the Helios didn’t suit me as well as it does most men. But apparently it was the confluence of factors, not the Helix itself, since the Classic didn’t do for me what it had done before, either.

Then one afternoon things changed. For whatever reason, when I first inserted the Helios, I immediately achieved that stillness that seemed to be for me the precondition of a good experience. In short order I began to have waves of pleasure and minor convulsions, and I enjoyed myself tremendously. The waves repeated for over an hour, with varying degrees of shuddering. I lay first on one side and then on the other.

Then I moved to a prone position, with a pillow under the small of my back. After several minutes I felt this seemed to reduce the waves of pleasure, so I started to explore other sensations.

In the “stillness” mode that I’d been exploring, I hadn’t touched my body at all. I did envision connections between my pelvis and my feet and my nipples, and both these turned into powerful ways to make the pleasure resonate. I’ve never found my nipples to be very much of an erogenous zone, but even so, focusing my attention on them and mentally connecting them with my pelvic area had an amazing effect on my experience of pleasure.

But snce that wasn’t working for me once I had turned onto my back, I decided to follow the Aneros guidelines and apply stimulation with my hands. I glided my hands over my chest and stomach, grazed my nipples, and slid them over the insides of my thighs. The effect wasn’t electric, but it was very pleasant. It did seem to distract from the minute attention I had been paying to interior sensations, which had led to my previous bouts of pleasure, but I felt it was worth exploring.

My balls are exceptionally sensitive, and they respond keenly to lightly brushing the hair that covers them. So I began to lightly stimulate them. As always, it felt fantastic, but I could not at first make the connection between that pleasure and the interior gleams of pleasure that the Aneros had previously brought me. It was like speaking two different languages at first. The senstion in my balls was paramount. Then I began brushing over my chest and nipples at the same time with my other hand. The pleasure in my balls rang out and resonated with my chest. I began to notice that all this pleasure was far more intense than it would usually be. Even though I didn’t locate the pleasure in the same places I did when I was being still and enjoying the pleasure that came to me from using the Aneros, it became obvious that I was entering a much higher state of ecstasy than I normally would have. Shafts of sexual pleasure were streaking through my pelvis and radiating through the rest of my body, and I was gasping in pleasure.

For no reason I can explain, I had the impulse to cup my balls with my left hand and cup my right hand over my still soft dick. I’m not a New Age believer in “Energy,” whatever that means. But my hands seemed to deflect something back into my body in such a way that the level of my pleasure escalated intensely. I felt I had arrived at the brink of an orgasm and I just stayed there, vibrating at that intense level without even worrying about going over the edge. It seemed like my cupped hands were reflecting and intensifying the feelings. I rode this wave of ecstasy for what seemedlike a few minutes, but turned out to be an hour, before I more or less collapsed in exhaustion.

I’m still not sure I’ve had what others describe as a Super-O. I haven’t thrashed and screamed and torn at the sheets. If that’s what it takes, I’m not there yet. More rewiring to come. And yet now I’ve had two equally intense ways of experiencing profound pleasure that I never had before. One way, I quiet myself and induce profound relaxation, and the pleasure flows without even having the Aneros inside me. The other way, I excite my body and set up intensely pleasurable reverberations with the Aneros inside. They’re equally exciting and wonderful.

What’s the next discovery the Aneros will lead me to? I can hardly wait.

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