Went to the gym. I had the progasm in my bag. I was thinking about putting in at the gym. After a good work out, the boys and I decided to go out. After I got dressed, I snuck into one of the stalls and put it in. I started feeling it immediatly. It was a long walk to the car. It felt great every step of the way. When I got into the car and sat down, wow. The push of the seat sent the progasm deeper and it felt great! I started gyrating on the car seat and the movement really enhanced the feel. I started squeezing as I was moving around. ugh! I started to climb. I pull out the car and drove to the bar. All along the way I was starting to build. We spent over an hour eating and drinking. The whole time I was rocking in the chair. Nobody noticed. It was getting hard to carry on a conversation and concentrate. The progasm was diving me nuts. The orgasms started to slowly build. My participation in talking started to slow down. It was time to leave and now I had to drive home. As I was driving the push of the car seat and the bumps in the road along with gyrating started to send me off. The building started to climb. I was half way home and then it started. I squeezed and the O was starting. The building got stronger and I had to maintain control of the car. The O kept climbing as I stopped at a red light. All of a sudden I was convulsing in the car. I hit the super O and wasn't home yet. I kept squeezing and gyrating and holy shit! I kept going and going and queezing and building. I didn't want to stop. I was floating when finally I reached home. I went to attack the wife. She knew I had it in me. She played with it for a while giving me more intensity. Finally I exploded and collasped on the bed. She asked me if I felt better.

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  1. Hi Insert,
    Welcome to Aneros at the gym! Thought I was the only member of the club.

    I've been packing an Aneros to the gym since early summer. Started with a Helix then I shortened up to the SGX.

    Aside from the great vibes it spikes Dan Tien awareness during Tai Chi or Trampoline.

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