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So I've been in somewhat of an Aneros lull lately, likely due to events going on in my life right now that are stressful. So I've hardly had any Aneros sessions all month long. And likewise have not masturbated very much at all either. So today I felt aroused enough to try an Aneros session after looking at some porn on the computer. My Progasm strangely hasn't been doing much of anything for me lately. So I experimented by starting with my Helix in hopes that a different model would produce some pleasurable sensations. And boy was I right!

Something has changed during this lull that I don't think I noticed until today. I basically haven't been having any tingling in my perineum or butt buzz like I've normally been having both within and without a session for many, many months now. But today I noticed when I started looking at the porn and getting aroused. I felt this new energetic sensation in my prostate that was different than what I've felt before. And when I started my Aneros session with the Helix, I found by just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, this pleasurable energetic sensation would grow and gently radiate through me. It was a very nice feeling and had none of that sense of urgency to make it "over the top" in terms of orgasm/pleasure. I just relaxed, enjoyed it, and eventually dozed off, and felt very rested when I woke up. I found myself surprised that there really was something to the relax and do nothing approach! LOL

After the nap, I thought I would try the Progasm to see if it would spark some new pleasurable sensations. And here's where I noticed the change not long after insertion. It felt to me like the Progasm was far too blunt of an instrument on my prostate. And it didn't generate any pleasurable sensations. Where as the Helix just subtly and gently tickled, and stimulated my prostate. So after almost a year of the Progasm being my favorite because it generated pleasurable sensations every time, the Helix now seems to be the one that does that. Funny being that this was the first Aneros model I ever bought. I'm somewhat surprised that my body has changed in the journey to like one Aneros model over another. The Progasm worked well for so long, that I though it always would.

One other change I've noticed recently is that often times when I experience fear, I feel it as an unpleasant and mildly painful energetic sensation in my prostate. It's pretty bizarre. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, what is your understanding of this phenomenon? It sure is an interesting development. Although it has been useful for me to identify created mental false fear when I don't mentally recognize it. As I notice it physically, which I immediately observe what I am then thinking and realize I'm just needlessly scaring myself over nothing.


  1. Hey Love_is — looking at your posts the last month, you did seem a bit 'detached.' Glad to see you reconnected.

    Being an old hand at a wide variety of fears, my mortal (life threatening) fear tends to focus in the naval chakra, deep pelvic area and trigger an anal pucker. Intellectual fears though tend to settle in my upper GI region and yield a feeling of nausea

    A good dose of fight-flight is going to shut down my whole reproductive system and trigger an anal pucker. — that's what you may be feeling.

    Sounds like you might be getting ready for a Eupho session. –rook

  2. Hi rook, ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for the response. That's interesting the different areas that you experience fear responses. Each time I've experienced it, it's been all mental, and mostly not even based on reality fears. But it is definitely not an anal pucker. It's some sort of energetic sensation in my prostate. It comes on really fast and is uncomfortable for a brief time. Pretty bizarre. But interesting to observe never the less. Thanks again.


  3. Everything you describe in your blog except for the fear part I would say is quite normal concerning Aneros use,

    As for the fear part – I just had a thought.

    You say, and I heard from many others, you experience fear or panic attacks out of the blue. The attack you have you describe the feeling as fear because you relate it to a time when you were really afraid of something and this feeling now reminds you of that time. So you and many others may tell the medical profession of your fear – and you get prescribed some tranquillizer to help you out.

    Now think about it, some of the feelings the Aneros generates is fear like, but we enjoy this feeling as we are about to orgasm, just listen to your body and you most probably find that I am correct.

    Now new is your fear attacks out of the blue has effect in your pelvic region. Consider, that if this fear you are experiencing are some energies shifting and your body has coupled various energy channels to the pelvic region due to Aneros use, you are now starting to feel this shifting energies in your prostate.

    Should I be correct then learning about life force energies and Tai Chi practices would be a correcter prescription to cope with fear attacks and not tranquillizers, but the pharma industry would never allow this rethink.

  4. Hi Alv, ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for your response. Fortunately I'm not a believer of the pharmaceutical industry ways of doing things. And almost never take their nasty pills. Your response reinforces what I suspected. Do you think this is a Temporary condition that I am experiencing due to my re-wiring that may change? Or something that will only change by dealing with the fear end of it? Thanks.


  5. Hi Love_is,

    quote "Do you think it is a Temporary condition …" concerning the response to the prograsm/Helix – yes, I find that my response to Helix/Eupho changes day to day. Concerning your prostate response to your fear attacks – use this a signal that you have nothing to fear but are just feeling an energy shift, reprogram your mind accordingly and start to work to control and change these shifting energies to be useful and enjoyable.

    forward towards a healthy and fearless life

  6. "I found myself surprised that there really was something to the relax and do nothing approach!"

    This really works. But your head has to be in the right place. Relax and no rush!!

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