My Peridise experience

Hi Guys,
I haven't posted for quite a while but have been visiting the site regularly,so thought it was about timeI started a blog.I've used the Aneros now for about three years with many many out of this world experiences that have truthfully changed my life.I started with the MGX and then purchased the Progasm,both of which have sent me on exquisite journeys of extreme pleasure which have got better and better with each session.
Recently I purchased the Peridise and waited in excitement for it to arrive.I knew when I ordered the two Peridise models that they were smaller than the other Aneros models and of obviuos different design with no abutment tab to press on the sweet spot,but when I opened them I was surprised how small thy were but OMG what a punch they provided.
I prepared my self with lube and inserted my new friend.It almost fell into my anus because it is so slim.Then I settled down to see what would happen.With my MGX and Progasm I almost immediately felt the pressure in my anus and on my sweet spot but with the Peridise the feeling was different,it was a subtle almost tickling sensation which carried on for about 10 minutes gradually increasing in intensity.I was really enjoying myself when things suddenly changed,all of a sudden I had the most exquisite feeling inside my arse.It felt like my prostate suddenly became detatched and started wrapping itself around the Peridise.This was the strangest,most beautiful feeling that I'd never felt before with the other models.I was then launched into the most intense anal orgasm I'd ever experienced,OMG I was seeing flashing lights my face contorted in this un presidented pleaure,my whole insides were actually moving around.It felt so undescribably beautiful,and it wouldnt let me go,more and more intense until I thought my whole insides were going to ejaculate out of my arse.WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.I love my MGX and My Progasm and they give me awesome orgasms but I use the two peridise models almost every day now.They are like a drug to me,my arse just craves them and as soon as they are in I know I'm going to have the most intense anal orgasms which just go on and on without stopping .Maybe I'm having anal and prostate and full body orgasms all at the same time,I just go into another world.Afterwards I'm so satisfied and afterwards my anus muscles ache with the intense contractions.
I'd love to hear from any guy that has had similar ecstasy using the Peridise.