A New Decade

At the start of a new decade I find myself wavering between two extremes to understand the Aneros Effect (1). Is but a catalyst, eventually this phenomenon of increasing / developing levels of body / mind bliss becomes self-sustaining without the catalyst – which begs the question what exactly is happening – is the prostate and the complexity of nerve endings once massaged by Aneros appropriately or eventually a learned set of subtle muscle contractions (analogous to riding a bike, kind of muscle memory auto-take over) doing the equivalent of sticking probes in the brain at the appropriate location and feeling you've encountered Universal mind – the prostate being in Artform's sense some kind of centre to a second brain and the probe being literally the Aneros. This is the perspective of a kind of pragmatic biology explanation.
(2). Is the Aneros a technological amplifier, a tuner in for the human being to a Universally accessible continuous orgasmic / bliss energy frequency and represents some kind of physic breakthrough for everyone on the planet?

Perhaps best just to go on the journey 🙂

So Artform suggested blogging about my experience of combining attempts to "click amygdalae forward" and usage of Aneros (focussed at present on use of Peridise advanced set, just ordered Eupho). This started on early morning of 30th December 2009 – along with the combination two other factors may have been playing a part here – approaching full moon and having a soup at lunchtime with corriander (Tiphereth tip on increasing libido here – http://www.aneros.com/forum/tips-to-increase-libido-t4207.html – ingestion of a few corriander seeds I have felt in the past amplifies orgasmic activity).

I woke around 1.00am, had a pee and returning to bed inserted the bigger of the advanced Peridise set (I don't use any lube just give it a lick before insertion), lay on my right side and got the familiar pleasant buzzing sensations internally around anal canal and prostate and moving in waves a bit up the spine and down back of legs. As this was happening I began to visualise swirling motion at the front of my amygdalae (not exactly the feather brushing as described at the end of this article here – http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/crazy.html). More the notion of little whirlpools of teasing simultaneously at the front of each amygdala. I didn't find it easy to do both at once, but that seems to be the most effective in amplifying the next stage. This concentration and visualisation lead to increased ripples of energy across my body giving mild involuntary abs muscle contractions (not the full blown body convulsing which some report).What took me by surprise and caused the – "oh fuck this is wonderful" – response was what was happening in my head.

A sense of my head orgasming and feelings of absolute bliss and with further visualisation of tickling the amygdalae with the small whirlpools of energy and "pushing" the energy forward into my frontal brain lobes these sensations increased – after about 15 minutes I extracted Peridise and dozed off to sleep.

Woke again about 4.00am, inserted smaller of Peridise advanced set and again laying on right side visualised tickling whirlpools at front of amygdalae, whirlpool going clockwise for right amygdala and anti-clockwise for left amygdala, even more blissful. 20 minutes later extract Peridise and fall back to sleep.

What was really great was waking at 6.30am stretching and instantly erecting with spontaneous orgasmic energy surging over my entire body, no stimulation anywhere just instant bliss – what a lovely way to greet the new day.


  1. WOW!!! Hapticbear, thank you so much for launching this blog!!!

    Your experiences and insights, along with the detail of your reportage is a gift to us all beyond measure. Congratulations on this new dimension in your journey. Thanks again for taking us all along with you.

    all the best energetic awakenings and ecstasies with/through aneros all


  2. A very interesting read hapticbear!!!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. I will have to try combining the amygdala tickling with an Aneros session to see what happens. Thanks again.:)


  3. Incredible visualization tool here! I have been trying to visualize this whirling tickling of my Amygdala and am having these same apparent sensations. Head orgasm feelings, whole body sensations, incredible calm and bliss. Without the aneros inserted, the prostate orgasm feelings are milder than the pleasure elsewhere in my body; it is still sexual, but In a more holistic or subtle way. Hard to explain, still happening to me right now! Thanks for this great explanation.

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