Did something just happen…?

It’s been a week now since my MGX arrived, and it has been….well, interesting!
I still have a bit of a hang up about the whole playing with the hole bit, and as much as I am starting to get excited about using the massager, that little prude that lives inside me keeps finding things for me to do to put it off.
I’m starting to get some sort of ritual going, getting things ready in the bedroom – towel, massager, lube, lighting subdued. I also now make sure the lube is warmed very slightly. Things can get a bit chilly in the flat, even with the heating on, and I found early on that cold lube can be a bit of a shock eekkkkk!!!!!! The shower is also important, not just to warm up the body and clean your bits, but it’s my way of telling my inner prude to go and cover his eyes!
I have accepted now that all those wonderful things that these devices can do are a little way off yet, but reading about them still adds a bit to my natural impatience. I saw a video last night a guy posted showing himself having what everyone agreed as a super’o’, or pretty near. On first sight it was a little disturbing, my orgasms never looked like that. Then I wondered – and here is a question for those who read this – was the first big orgasm scary or worrying? I’ve read about quaking of the body, losing control of muscles in what appeared in the vid as almost an epileptic fit, losing track of time, and almost altered conscience. But everyone apparently seems to enjoy them so… just remind me not to film myself when I finally have one!!!

Tonight’s session was another little step forward. Inserting the MGX is becoming a pleasure in itself, pushing it in just enough then letting the muscles grab and tug it in the rest of the way. Again it was just practice breathing, a few contractions, but most of the time I just lay on my back (that seems to be best for me) and relaxed, and it was very nice. I tried a few other positions, on my side, kneeling at the foot of the bed, but I went back to my back.
Then I tried contractions again, trying to separate the different muscle groups, which isn’t easy, when suddenly I felt something, a gentle feeling of ‘oh, that was nice…’ and it made me smile. So far the only sensations have been the pressure of things pressing against other things, but this was different, it was…nice. It came from somewhere in the appropriate region but could not really pin point it, and it was only brief. I went back to breathing for a bit then tried again, holding the contractions. Suddenly my penis took on a life of its own and began jerking and dancing all over the place. I relaxed and tensed again, and off it went again, it was quite funny watching it!
I tried some hip movements and isolating the PC and sphincter muscles and that brief feeling happened again and seemed to gently shoot up into my throat. As nice as they were, they were brief and very mild, but I was well pleased as they were the first real indications I have had of what is to come. I also noticed there seemed to be more pre come oozing out than was usual when aroused.
Time to quit for today with my first real step behind me, I wasn’t going to rush things, nothing would have happened if I did, so I finish this session content and with a smile.

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  1. Sounds like you are having great progress!
    Maybe that was a p-wave you had, eh? I hope so!

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