…and so it begins.

Curiosity is an odd thing, not only is it fatal to felines (poor kitties), it can send you down paths you didn’t even know existed.
I am approaching my 50th year of life and have been coming to the conclusion that so far things have been very boring, so have begun looking at things outside my normal boundaries.
Anything to do with my ‘backdoor’ has always been considered exit only until about 6 months ago. What was it about anal sex that was so popular? During periods of self pleasure, curiosity reared its head and I began to dip in a finger, badly – and painfully – at first, but then I did get a finger in almost to the knuckle and touched something that caused an odd sensation.
I was also beginning to dip my toes into meditation and looking at Tantra where I learnt about extended male orgasms and dry orgasms. I’ve been on my own for a few years now and masturbation was getting, well…boring, just a means of satisfying an occasional urge, but these new possibilities sounded worth looking into. Then I heard of prostate massagers, but considered them nothing more than a male dildo.
Christmas was approaching and decided I was going to treat myself. I ended up on an adult web store and there were those massagers again, so curiosity made me click the link. There were videos of experts extolling the virtues of those weird looking things, sexual bliss unlike anything experienced before, dry orgasms, the super’O’, and they were good for you.
What made me choose an Aneros over the other makes, I’m not sure, but curiosity had got the better of me and I placed my order for an MGX and some lubricant (made 3 miles from where I live!). I did not expect it to arrive until sometime between Christmas and New Year, so I was very surprised when it arrived at my door the very next day – Christmas Eve. I debated whether to leave it for Christmas day, but the fun of presents is discovering what was inside, and I knew exactly what was inside this parcel.
It is an odd looking gadget and I was very apprehensive about using it, but oddly very excited as well, looking forward to all these wonderful things that were going to happen. Some hours later I decided now was the time. I followed the instructions on the pack, lay on my side and lubed up. Getting it in was easy enough but nothing felt right, apart from a few attempts with a finger, this was the first time anything had gone in my anus. After 10 minutes I had to take it out and go to the toilet. I was a bit disappointed.
On my own on Christmas day and late in the afternoon tried again with the same result. Very late on Christmas night I found the Aneros site and was startled by what I discovered, not just a manufacturers site promoting their wares but an entire new world. I realised very soon that massagers are not an alternative to the hand but a door to something I didn’t know existed. I was fascinated. I read blogs and posts and got chatting to others and the wiki is essential reading for newbies.
Yesterday, I took heed of this new information and tried again. With no expectations or wanting things to happen, I practiced breathing, contracting, meditating…for 40 minutes! Nothing did happen but I knew I was on the right path, there was a positive feel this time. I only stopped because I was falling asleep, but I knew what I had to do next time.
Next time was going to be tonight, but I’ve spent the last 5 hours trawling through the posts and the blogs, writing this, re-writing this, and I’m falling asleep again.

Hopefully my next entry will be a little shorter.


  1. Welcome!! Stick with it and just enjoy the ride. This is one process where you MUST smell the roses. LL

  2. Great story of a new aneros journey!
    Good stuff! Keep at it, you have the right attitude. 🙂

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