Ten sessions, two dry-O, variation and kitchen appliances

I now have had myself ten sessions with an Aneros over a period of 52 days. At least I think it is 10… There has been mostly Helix but also mixed in some Beginner Peridise; once with the larger and twice with the smaller. Each session has lasted 3 to 5 hours and they seem to play out differently each time. Many have been nice but calm. Some sessions I have fallen asleep with the toy (and always wake up cold), many times I have a bathroom break.

The eight session was a week ago during the night starting at one o'clock and not ending before six (sex, we say) in the morning. I prepared myself watching some good porn for quite a while seated in the armchair and then lubed for a moment with my faithful rod of beads. Having tried watching porn during one earlier session, I found out in the forum that I could try a slideshow of more or less naked women instead, giving more room for my aroused mind. I also added some relaxing 1-hour CD music, which I restarted three times during the night.

This was the first session after my Peridise debut, and the improvement was very noticeable. My involuntaries with the Helix had been rare before Peridise, but now they came way easier and also returned over and over during the entire session. After laying on my back for an hour enjoying these, I restarted the CD and turned on my left side instead, with my legs in a more restful position.

The involuntaries continued, and so did the slideshow keeping my mind aroused. After half an hour I was blessed with my first ever dry-O! The orgasm felt as strong and as good as any traditional one, but of course no sperm shot out. I almost had it double, but my guess is I became too excited about the moment and eagerly caused the next to be only half as good. Two hours later I had another dry-O, which really was more than I asked, but happily accepted. Maybe the visual stimulation helped me stay excited during the entire night.

I found that if I combined physical relaxation, nipple pinching and short breathing, there was much pleasure. Besides these bodily factors I also had short bursts of fantasy from the pictures passing by (a new one every fifth second), and any disturbing sounds were eliminated by the music. This was during the night, but my hearing is good and there were still sounds from the computer fan, harddrives, the laser pickup from the CD player, potted plants withering, and so on.

Six days after this session, after Christmas, I had a shorter Peridise/Helix combined session again with the same setting, but different CD and my head closer to the slideshow screen. This time there were no dry-O. Maybe there was too much detail to be seen now, and the mind got too constrained.

My tenth session was this afternoon. Helix only, three hours. Yet again different, no music and no pictures. I tried having this in my sleeping bed instead of the sofa-bed as had been the case previously. I also forgot to stretch my body beforehand. A new ting again was putting a plastic colander between my legs and under the covers, so that my member was not to be stimulated too much. This and a pillow later worked well as support for my knee while laying on the side.

First half of session was very active with a lot of precum and big, slow contractions. During the largest of these, my body crawled into a fetal position by itself. The bliss! I did not really have any dry-O as before, but there were similar pleasure sneaking by me. After a while I removed the massager and had a toilet break, but still felt excited so I re-lubed and inserted, had some minor events, fell asleep and woke up cold, all in just three hours. More efficient sessions during daytime perhaps?


  1. You write beautifully! And with a very dry sense of humour, I laughed when I got to the bit about the potted plants withering!

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