Eros and the Tale of the Phantom Tail

A couple of months ago, having really explored the many orgasmic possibilities of the pelvic basin in the joyous soft penis sex adventures to date, I felt something else "present" down there. Doing the varied massages, consciousness in and following the orgasmic and related sensations through all these organs, something like a ghost of a feeling , as yet undefined, kept appearing and disappearing.

The area on my lower back around the sacrum, and below around the coccyx bones, and the musculature/connective-tissues on either side of the groin/hips/lower abdomen are all involved when this happens. Then I saw an early pre-release trailer of Avatar, and it hit me. And I recalled both reading about and seeing documentaries about phantom limb consciousness; the muscle control or twitching and the pain amputee patients can experience, and its reverse, the powerful feelings some people experience that a particular limb, often a leg, does not belong on their body.

Was it possible that what I was sensing during wonderful orgasmic/energetic explorations and powerful orgasmic experiences in my pelvic basin, was the phantom of my long lost tail???!!! So, I began testing and mentally conjured up the sense of the tail being there and the moves with all the tissues down there as if I was moving it. The strongest and most long lasting sensations came from imaging pulling my tail inward and upward toward the front, between my legs.

That engaged the sacrum/coccyx, the front lower abdomen and the other connective tissues, producing a deep stimulative/arousal effect. This has proven to be an energies starter/pump that can produce strong p-waves that grow into substantial energies in the Chi/Qi range with a great Orgasmic/Jing harmonic!!!

If you want to explore this possibility, I would say avoid trying to move particular muscles, relax the area, and then just feel the sense of making the tail move through space and see how that feels in all of your lower pelvic area and up your lower back and beyond. I have had some great energetic orgasmic results, more in the calm seas, still-body, butt lasting and full body resonant energies flows and the tingling bliss and music that goes with that orgasmic range.

Mrs, a and I saw Avatar New Year's Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm going to see what results she gets and introduce this idea to her soon too!

Let me know if this works at all for you!

all the best energetic sensation explorations all



  1. Hi artform, 🙂

    While this technique has not occurred to me before. I do notice that I very much like the sensation of the K-tab in combination with the P-tab on my Progasm. It often massages that tail bone area depending on how the Progasm is sitting within me. Perhaps there is something to this?


  2. Hey Art,
    I gave this a try this morning with terrific results! Just as you, I mentally conjred up my phantom tail moving up and through my legs without trying to use any muscles. This did porduce numerous and continuous p-waves and and arousal effect. I felt tingling in my feet and hands. The faster I wagged "my tail" the faster the p-waves came – basically one per wag. All this was aneros-less. I did feel the arousal building and can see the possibilites to bring this to orgasm. It was very nice.

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