Receiving My Aneros and My First Two Sessions

Thought I should write a few logs on my sessions.

Well for starters, I'm sorta pretty good at knowing when my packages are coming into the mail. So last Saturday, I was pretty sure I would be getting something from "HLH." So for most of the morning and bits of the afternoon, I was extremely anxious. I really wanted to keep this private(That's actually why I enjoy this forum, I can still discuss my experiences and still be anonymous).

Once the mail carrier began doing his rounds, I knew I had to intercept this package. I felt like ages for the guy to get to my home. Once he stopped in front of my home, I when out like I was looking for my mail.

He says to me, "I bet you were expecting this!"

I completely froze and I thought, "Does this guy know what I'm going to do with the stuff in this box?"

He assumes that my silence means that I wasn't, even though I had been impatiently waiting for my Aneros.

After he walks away, I quickly rush my package into my bedroom and open it all up.

A few hours later, I finally find some time to try out my new Aneros. I've never done any sort of anal play, so I was extremely nervous.

I took the Higginson Rectal Syringe into the bathroom and fill up a bottle with some warm water. I didn't really understand how the rectal syringe was supposed to work and I ended up making a huge mess. Water all over the floor. I even blew air up my own ass.

After my miserable attempt at cleaning myself out. I took a shower, but never really got relaxed. In addition to my anxious-nous, I was terribly frustrated.

After my shower, I returned to my bedroom and prepared to insert my Aneros. I prelubed everything and inserted. The Aneros didn't feel bad at all and after a while I began to relax. HypnAerosession helped me a whole lot.

I also really like when the voice tells me that I have a cute butt.

I'm not really sure if I felt anything very pleasurable, but I started to get used to having the Aneros massage my prostate. Ultimately, I definitely wasn't discouraged at all. I knew full well that I was going to have some struggles and this along with many other sessions in the future would be learning experiences.

I decided not to have my second session during the day. It's simply too difficult to find time for myself. So I decided to wait until after I got back from soccer(I play soccer pretty late at night).

After my first session, I made some mental DOs and DON'Ts, in regards to the rectal syringe. I'm very happy to report that I was able to have myself cleaned out with much success. I'm also beginning to enjoy the sensation of the warm water entering me. Afterwards, I gave my Aneros MSX a wash and warmed it up a bit, before applying lube to it. Then I returned to my room to resume more preparation.

When I was finally ready, I inserted my Aneros for more prostate massage. I decided not to used the HypnAerosession and instead just relaxed and used my imagination. At some points, I would recall Alana's voice to help me squeeze and hold. I began to shake a bit from holding. I'm not sure if I felt any sort of waves or anything super pleasurable, but I liked that I shivered just a bit.

Part of what really drew me to the Aneros product was having those sort of shakes. I saw it in an online video and wanted to feel that myself. Personally, I never drink or smoke, so having a moment where I lost a little bit of self control was extremely nice.

After about a hour, I decided that to call it a night and go to bed. I have to admit, I used to never like going to bed in the nude, but something about having this sorta changed how I feel about it now.

Well that's all I have for now. For those who are going to check this out. Please leave some comments or advice, I'm still very new to all of this and could use some support.


  1. congrats on your new journey!! be patient and relaxing is very important. when i start my sessions i always make sure i have the time i need for myself. i shower shave , u know take care of myself before i get started. once i have the aneros inside me i breathe and bring myself down to a nice place. then i start my contractions, which i start vey slowly then my body will naturally start speeding them up for me. once i start getting the shakes i relax my muscles around the aneros and i'll have my waves of O's. hang in there and enjoy the ride, i am.

  2. Hi heydude from one newcomer to another.
    just thought I would pass on a few tips I've learnt in the two weeks I've been on my journey. Read the blogs, forum and wiki, have a good trawl through this site, there are some real gems here.
    with your sessions, don't expect anything, go with the flow and let things build in their own time, and experiment. The stories and personal experiences on here can be invaluable, some may work for you some won't, but worth trying.
    Like you, nothing earth shattering has happened to me yet, but each session is better than the last. This is a journey of self-discovery as much as personal pleasure, the more pleasure you get out of the journey, the more pleasure the journey will give you. Bon voyage.

  3. Some people take longer that others. Just enjoy the ride and you'll make the trip over the edge eventually.

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