My three good buddies: Aneros session for October 1, 2012

Hi guys,

I am really enjoying having Aneros sessions first thing in the morning right after breakfast, bathing, shaving, and other preparations. Most days I wake up fully rested and relaxed. Such a schedule has enhanced my Aneros session many fold. So for now on, when I do not have any pressing business to transact, I will have my Aneros sessions first thing in the morning.

This morning, I began with the Progasm. I spent perhaps five to ten minutes with my new buddy getting used to his wide girth in my anal canal. But still I had difficulty in inserting him to the hilt. Also peristalsis was again strong causing the Progasm to nearly slip out. Then I switched to the Maximus. Things went much better with the Maximus as it massaged my prostate and anal canal fairly well for perhaps thirty minutes.

After a brief intermission, I returned again with the Progasm. This time he slipped in to the hilt. I spent a good fifteen minutes just relaxing and again warming up to my big buddy. Also I performed some Kegels upon him with good, strong clutches of my anal muscles. The discomfort went away as the Progasm really began to feel real good inserted. During this stretch of time, I had to hold the end of this massager, although the peristalsis remained strong. For now on with every session, I'll continue to work with the Progasm in this way. Perhaps very soon he'll stay inserted and my body will get used to him.

I didn't want my session to end so quickly even though a good hour elapsed. So I switched to my Helix Syn. That is when my session began to take off with P-waves galore and the Helix Syn giving both my perineum and prostate a real good massage for a good thirty minutes. The Helix Syn was the first Aneros which introduced me to the pleasures of Anerosing. This morning I focused upon the effortless massaging motion of Helix Syn upon my anal sphincter and prostate and at the same time fully abandoned to the paroxysms of pleasure in that essential area of my male anatomy.

Finally I was brave enough to return again with the Maximus which gave me a more aggressive, fuller massage which also lasted a good thirty minutes or more. Just love how the Maximus autof**k's me and how he pleasures me! I came away from this mornings's session thoroughly satisfied, having experienced all my three buddies! They are awesome!

Right now it is nearly 3 p.m. as I write this blog entry nearly six hours after my Aneros session this morning. My prostate feels like a revved up V8 engine. It feels so GOOD with my engine delivering me one orgasm after another as I stimulate my nipples or do Kegels or just think about these sexy buddies and how they "make love" to me! I feel so alive and so male!