Aneros Automatic Autof**king and the Kegel Exercises, October 3, 2012

Hi guys,

Every Aneros session is special and unique to me, and yet, from most of my sessions, I have detected very recently a steady progression towards ease of use of the various Aneros models I have in my collection and also towards absolute Aneros bliss and realization that might be found in the Super-O and other Aneros blessings!

Yesterday first thing in the morning I had a session with my good buddies, the Progasm Classic, Maximus, and Helix Syn once again. Again I began with the Progasm. He inserted more easily yesterday and I spent perhaps 15 minutes in alternating fashion performing the Kegels upon him and just enjoying his presence in my anus and directly upon my prostate. This time he felt real good inserted, although I didn't attempt a full-fledged session with him.

Then I switched over to my very good buddy and teacher, the Maximus model. I spent a good hour with him. Again he slipped in easily to the hilt, and once I positioned my butt on a folded pillow, almost immediately the autof**king began. What amazed me was how automatically and effortlessly the prostate and anal canal massage he delivered me. Of course, my slow, rhythmic breathing set in motion the Maximus! I was truly lost in the actions and motions of this amazing guy in all their subtle nuances and various crescendos of innumerable pleasurable P-waves, perhaps mini-O's. It was just wonderful and it all felt so GOOD!

After a quick break, I returned again with the Progasm and continued what he and I did earlier in the session. Yesterday morning what I noticed especially is that my strong Kegels causes my anal canal to suck the Progasm almost entirely into me. I noticed this in how carefully and slowly I had to pull the Progasm out of my butt, so as not to injure myself. That is indeed a good sign, for it shows I am well on my way to working with the Progasm.

I continued the session with the Helix Syn. This good buddy with his soft silicone outer layer gave me a good, yet "softer" and more subtle prostate massage for a good 30 minutes. Finally, I concluded my session yesterday with the Maximus. There was no overt discomfort with his insertion. Yet my prostate and anal sphincter were fatigued by then, so after 15 minutes of a good massage, I brought the session to an end.

Yesterday was a full day with volunteer work and then a lecture in the evening. I came home exhausted around 8:30 p.m. and almost immediately went to bed. So I wasn't able to indulge much time in a leisurely afterglow. However for much of the day yesterday, I felt like an energized, younger man. It was mainly due to my well-massaged prostate which felt like a revved up V8 engine! Also, my butt felt well f**ked yesterday. It all felt so GOOD nonetheless.

Reflections and afterglow on the morning after:

I woke up this morning feeling fairly well rested at 5 a.m. However the dank, humid weather caused me to take an early nap of perhaps two hours around 7. I feel much better now.

For nearly two hours now, I have been doing the Kegel Exercises off and on and thinking about how the Aneros came into my life nearly a year ago. About a year ago, I adopted a regimen of Kegels to supplement my long walks which I began in my newly begun retirement in 2011. A good buddy which I met on BateWorld had told me the Aneros would enable me to do the Kegels and vice versa. This is a discovery I have made recently from my Aneros sessions. It seems now that for me that the Kegels and my Aneros models are closely related. I now can do the Kegels so naturally and they strengthen my PC muscles which help me along the Aneros!

Also I mentioned that perhaps a month after I began my session that I discovered that my nipples are hardwired to both my prostate, penile shaft, and glans. But recently I have discovered that my anal canal and testicles are also connected to my nipples. But what it is even more wonderful is how these essential parts of my male sexual apparatus are activated when I both stimulate my nipples and aureoles and Kegel at the same time outside of my sessions. That means that I can do such stimulation discretely in a public place such as my favorite coffeehouse or park here in DC! All this is absolutely wonderful because I can fuel my Anerosing hours or even day(s) of my sessions!

Personifying and sexualizing the Helix Syn, Maximus, and Progasm Classic helps me in the sexual arousal which both prime and fuel my Aneros sessions. The Helix Syn with its silicone overlay is a soft, subtle buddy for me in our lovemaking sessions. He has been such a good buddy in introducing me to the Aneros!

I have truly fallen in love with my Maximus. In the last couple weeks, he has become my main man and teacher in what Anerosing is all about. I love his full, rugged design. He delivers for me a full, rugged massage to both my prostate and anal canal. I feel truly f**ked by my Maximus!

Finally, there is the Progasm Classic. He is truly a bruiser. The Progasm is truly a thick, big Motherf**ker. He and I are still in the beginning stages of acquaintances. But I am confident that soon he and I will soon become good buddies. There is a good in the UK who has a blog on Aneros. His handle is Redbeard2000. Search his handle on Xtube and you will see three videos he made of himself using the Progasm Classic. He's awesome!!! Also very soon, I hope to start using his cousin, Progasm Ice as well.

Yesterday morning, as I was cleaning up after my session and putting my buddies to bed. I came upon the Eupho which I purchased last spring. Some guys say that the Eupho is the largest model. Well, he's certainly the longest. Personally, I think the Progasm is absolutely HUGE and the largest model in sheer girth! But I hope some day soon to use the Eupho for sure. Lastly but not least are the MGX and Helix Classic models which I also purchased. I hope to use these two buddies some day down the line.

I conclude this blog entry in that my Aneros sessions have also revived my masturbation practice. At age 63, I don't masturbate as often as I used to. But when I do, my reawakened or rather my revved V8 engine, my supercharged prostate, has put my masturbating on a much higher level.