Directing Energies

Alright, so there's been some significant progress these past two weeks, and just want to document what's happened so far.

Getting positive feedback loops on a regular basis now. None have been quite runaway like the first week, but they are still pleasant. My 'less sessions have been taking off and are becoming more eventful than regular sessions. The reason is because I'm able to put more focus onto all of the sensations being generated as opposed to just the prostate and anal area. This should change with time as I learn to relax more and am able to have regular sessions that focus on the full body experience. Thankfully, my 'less sessions are a good practice to getting to that state.

Anyway, this week I've been focusing on deep breathing and the effects on my mental state. My feelings towards deep breathing were somewhat downplayed, as it's always just been about air and nothing else (you don't breathe, you die). Obviously, there's more to it, but I never quite made that connection outside of the physical need. By focusing on deep belly breathing, I instead imagined what the air was doing for my body. Inhaling provides more than just oxygen, it provides the body with energy. Exhaling, also provides the means for expelling the negative energies collected in the body (for whatever mental/physical reasons).

In visualizing that each breath was not necessarily just for "survival" but for exchanging of energies, I've discovered a whole new aspect to my being. I feel more in tune with what my body is feeling, how it's running, and in general just more in tune with all the various energies running through my self. This first realization came during a drive to work. I found myself getting rather frustrated due to traffic, and decided to try to redirect these feelings to a more desirable mental state. After only 5 minutes of deep breathing, I came back to the present and found myself grinning uncontrollably. This pleased me even further, because I was able to successfully put into practice the discoveries I mentioned in my last post. What was unexpected, however, were these happy feelings to cascade into full body euphoria that settled on my head for a whole minute. This was all before I even got to work in the morning, and there was still so much more that happened!

I had hit my reset switch the previous night by ejaculating, as my arousal was getting a bit out of hand during sessions. As such, I resolved to try and maintain focus on my life and work for several days to let my mind and body have a break from the Aneros. Needless to say, I wouldn't be writing anymore if I was able to maintain my resolution, but I'm glad I didn't. On chat, a user was describing a rather productive session he was in the process of having, which fueled another user to having a 'less session (and a subsequent chairgasm). Well, this got my engine going as I was reading what was happening, and we had an energy sharing session (me and twlltin having a 'less session, cyrez having a regular session). It was so intense! I could feel the energy coming from both of them, and it fueled my session further than it's been before, which fueled the other guys even further in their sessions. After the most amazing p-waves, several mini-O's, and the biggest stretch of my life, I was in a state of bliss for an hour afterwards. I've heard others mention this sort of energy sharing before, but this was the first time I was present to witness it (let alone be part of it). This left me with quite a bit of sexual energy that fueled a 'less session for the rest of my work day, but the fun didn't stop there.

I do a lot of introspection on my drives, as I have about 30-45 minutes that I can usually relax and enjoy the drive. My commute is so routine that I literally drive on auto-pilot for most of the time and can be completely elsewhere in my thoughts or focus (still maintain enough focus on what's happening around me to avoid dangers). As I've been focusing on breathing this week, and had amazing results with it in the morning, decided to see what sort of results I could get with more than 5 minutes. The entire drive was spent doing deep belly breathing until I got home. I did a quick mental check on my physical state to see how this deep relaxation affected my body, and found all the muscles from my anus to my chest quiverring. Didn't notice this as I was driving, but just decided to relax into it and see what would happen. What transpired next all happened within the span of 2 minutes.

An incredible p-wave came over me, stronger than anything I've ever experienced, and washed over my whole body (from toes to chest and back down again). The sensations wouldn't stop growing, and a dull throb began to build in my stomach. At this point, it was incredibly difficult to stay relaxed, but I was just letting myself fall into the sensations and stopped trying force the relaxation. This caused the sensation in my stomach to grow in intensity so quickly, that it started to spread upwards into my chest. This caused the "terror at the gates" sensation that others mention, and frightened me so much because of how quickly it overcame me, that it brought the session back down. Again, this all happened in the span of 2 minutes, which is part of why it scared me so much. After that, I relaxed into the p-waves for several more minutes, and felt physically spent as they grew smaller in intensity. Once I felt I could walk straight was when I finally left my car, but this left me drained both physically and mentally.

The fun didn't end there, though. On this particular day of the week, I go to the gym for an hour (a dance class with the wife). When we get home, we decide to turn in a bit earlier than usual, and I helped her get to sleep with a nice leg massage. The physical exercise perked me up just enough to make it difficult to sleep, and I was still feeling some of the afterglow of my numerous 'less sessions this day. So I decided to have a session with my MGX, and was feeling quite anxious about what the session would be like. I felt a pull to the chat room used my phone to go on the site. After sharing my experiences of the day with everyone present, I decided to cut out to focus on relaxing into my session. Got a few feedback loops, some nice prostate stim, and a lot of p-waves. At some point, I was so relaxed that the sensation in my stomach came back, but it wasn't growing. Instead, what happened next caught me by surprise (for more reasons than one). Nothing changed sensation wise, but my eyes suddenly shot open, and my vision just started going white. My eyes were completely open the entire time, but all I saw was white. A warmth spread over my entire body, and my head was bathed in euphoria. This lasted about 30 seconds, and after it passed I was so excited that I couldn't quiet my mind. The mental noise was too intense, and the session seemed to have been coming to a close sensation wise, that I just decided to call it a night and fell asleep.

On my drive to work this morning, performed some deep breathing again. After about 20 minutes of this, I started feeling the euphoria wash over me again (didn't stop breathing like I did yesterday). I decided to relax into these energies instead of focusing on them (as I usually do to build on the sensations) and was able to just let them flow throughout my body for the remainder of my drive. It was such an amazing feeling to have these energies travel across my body, making stops along the way and focusing on a single area momentarily. Finally got to work, and again, had the biggest grin on my face and could feel all the positive energies flowing through me. I can't remember the last time I've been this happy coming to work in the mornings!

To be honest, I never truly believed that this sort of energy existed or that it can be guided. The concept of chakras, qi/chi, etc. all seemed like a purely mental phenomenon, all in the eye of the beholder. Having experienced the same premise behind these concepts, I can now understand that it's more metaphysical than mental. For me, it was a matter of finding my center, my being, and externalizing it to my conscious awareness. It truly is an amazing realization, that my inner self is more than just my physical being, that it's a part of the universe as a whole. It's a humbling thought, and makes all my problems seem less significant in the grand scheme of things.


  1. Spyeg, I am so impressed and happy for you and the new joy you've found! It's amazing how quickly things are opening up for you. It's simply wonderful to see all the pieces fall into place. I wholeheartedly support your journey and encourage you to keep sharing! I know I look forward to what steps you take next. This is truly a great gift you're sharing. Please don't stop. 🙂

  2. rikaaim, thank you for your words of encouragement. I seem to be getting a lot of positive response from the veterans, which is one of the reasons I'm continuing to chronicle my journey. The fact that my posts were able to help others struggling with their journey (Clenchy, "My First Super Orgasm" thread) just reaffirms how much help you have been (paying it forward). You helped me "get it", to understand that there's a wealth of information out there and that to try and absorb it all is just as much a barrier to the Super O as other major obstacles. Your blog made me realize that this is just as much for others as it is for me, and I am glad to be able to share my journey with this amazing family.

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