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Even though I don't try or want to, sometimes I just have to JO to stop the edging and just get off, the orgasms that I have when I do are just so powerful and intense. It sometimes scares me! That's when you really feel it on the prostate. It's the hardest thing NOT to do is focus on your dick while using. I'm always wanting to see if I am leaking any precum or just how hard my erection is when I get it. I just try to relax, breathe, clear my mind and let the helix do it's thing. Sometimes sessions are real duds and sometimes really good. I had a couple of short ones the other day, one before i went to work and one after I got home. The morning one was much better than the later one. I had done some "manscaping" with my cordless beard trimmer the night before around my pelvic area and ass as best as I could. Kinda hard to do when you can't really see everything and I didn't want to hurt myself with the trimmer. I think my wife will be surprised to see and feel it when she does! Anyway, I had just took a shower, prepped myself and the Helix and laid down on my left side. I inserted the Helix and started to do some small contractions and just breathe. Just lay still and do nothing, breathe, and let my mind go free. Images of my ex-lovers swirled through my mind, their big juicy tits, smooth hands, wet pussies and sexy sounds of their cries and moans. Then I could feel my ass starting to self contract lightly. My mind went into overdrive. I felt like i had detached from my body and could only feel incredible pleasure in my anus and on my prostate. Soon, I start to breathe heavier and deeper and little sighs turn into groans. I can feel my PC muscles, my abs and my ass going into overdrive. Stay focused… relax…. breathe…. Boom! a small mini O… Bam! Another one shortly after that… Legs and arms are really started to twitch and move… breathing becomes moaning…. wow… Uh oh…. here comes another wave of small Os… I don't know if I can take this anymore… I feel like the eyes are rolling into the back of my head… One final wave of Os crash into me… I let out one loud yell of pleasure and curl into a ball… I'm spent…

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  1. Sounds like your having fun. I agree with you that JO after a session really feels good. I have been trying to get away from doing that after each session myself.
    Had a good session last night and did not JO afterwards. Have to see if I can make it to next session with out.
    I have just started using the aneros products about the same time as you. Progress has been steady but still feel I have not reached the big one yet.
    Keep posting and we can compair sessions.
    Have fun, be safe.

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