First ever Dry-0

Just wow, I'm speechless, after over 2 years of practice I had my first dry-O this morning, it was unreal. I admit I had become slightly sceptical but now, I get it.

So began my build-up to the session, with an BM, then a bath and some shaving. A couple of hours later I pre-lubed with a unrefined shea butter bullet and left it melt for around 20min before applying a thin layer of Vaseline to the Eupho I had warmed between my thighs.

I inserted and began to relax to some porn. After around 20min of yogic breathing I switched off the porn and put on the I-doser CD and read some erotic stories. My session I started by holding Kegals for a minute on and a minute off, which I continued for about 40min. Got a few involuntaries here and there. It was pleasureable but not great.

I got a bit distracted by the drop of pre-cum and sat up, soon the Eupho was milking the cum out of me. It was then I made the decision to lie back down and log onto the chat here. It turned out to be a great decision.

When I jumped on Slimjm was giving advice to another member MMO_RpgLOL who was also riding, I decided to follow along. I was glad I did, Slimjm really helped me identify the muscle set I should be using, ie gentle contractions of the PC muscle, concentrating at the front/back of the bladder area, rather than the sphincter and anal muscles I had been using.

After a few long contractions of this muscle, I began to feel a definite build in pleasure. Embracing this and continuing to stoke my torso and nipples, I began to get that nice worming warm feeling. Encouraged I continued what I was doing, a lovely warming feeling filled my pelvic area, and for the first time true buttbuzz, and I felt that pre-orgasmic feeling building up. I hit the point of no return and just let it take me. My cock suddenly swelled and felt like it would explode from the sheer amount of blood pumped in there. The orgasm hit, a wonderful wave of pleasure, that washed thru my body, looking back it felt like when Pop-eye has spinach haha. My cock was pulsing but no ejaculation. There it was my first dry-O.

I continued the session a bit longer bolstered by this new milestone, but ultimately ended it as subsequent build ups just ebbed away. However I was satisfied, I did not need to finish my self off. I got up to go to bed and my legs were like jelly )jello(. After taking out the eupho and getting into bed, my PC muscles kept involuntarily squeezing my prostate, giving me delightful aftershocks of pleasure.

I cannot thank SlimJM or the guys on chat this morning enough. I'm now a true believer. Really looking forward to reaching and surpassing this level again.


  1. Congratulations, cj! Your patience paid off; and, with your Eupho AND the coaching of fellow aneros brothers, you experienced an amazing gift of your creation. The Eupho is my longtime favorite — although my Helix Syn is fast approaching favorite status. Some time ago, I too realized the power of connecting with aneros users and riding through or coaching each other during sessions — both aneros and anerosless sessions. wishing you nothing butt the best in the days ahead. Would enjoy connecting via private message. ENJOY!

  2. It was interesting to read @slimjm's words, and your responses )those that you could type( in real time, but it's also good to read the other side of it here. Congratulations again.

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