Finally some progress!

I've not had chance to have a session recently, and this has given me a bit of time to think about my previous sessions. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not relaxed enough during sessions, and that there's too much going on inside my head.
I've been reading the forums a lot lately, especially some of the older posts. I saw one thread in which a poster was talking about using Kelly Howell's 'Ecstasy' recording during their session and they spoke of how it helped them relax and focus, producing amazing results. Lately I've been thinking about using the Hypnaerosession recording again to see if it helped me, but I opted for this new recording during my session this evening. Definitely a good move! It was such a good session. So many new feelings and sensations. I was able to relax very quickly, and I was able to concentrate on my breathing much more, whilst being able to concentrate on the feelings being brought on by the Helix.

I cleaned up, read some erotic stories and watched a bit of porn which got me aroused and in the mood, though it didn't take much since my prostate has been itching for a session for the past three days. I lubed myself up and inserted my helix. I just laid there for a few minutes breathing deeply getting nice and comfortable.
I put on the Ecstasy recording and continued breathing. I found the aneros twitching almost right away and when I exhaled I got a rushing feeling in my body and the aneros twitched faster. Inhaling stopped the aneros moving as much but brought on some nice feelings. I managed to get myself in a very relaxed state through this deep breathing.
Around 15 minutes into the recording I started to feel tickly feelings in different parts of my body. Mainly my arms, legs and back but also in my neck and parts of my face. The most noticeable one, and the last one that I felt, was on my back, near my shoulder blade. It came on very suddenly and strongly and it felt pretty nice. As soon as the tickly feeling stopped it felt like I was falling backwards slowly, my eyes involuntarily rolled to the back of my head and I was overcome with this pleasurable rushing feeling, spreading up my body through my stomach, to my chest and then out to my arms. It was awesome. I'm going to go ahead and say that this was a p-wave! I've never felt anything like this. Very pleasurable and it made me feel very nice, an almost teasing feeling. Towards the end of this feeling my eyelids started to flutter. Weird. Afterwards my stomach tensed up and I felt pleasure in my stomach. Yummy. This was followed by a similar p-wave feeling a few minutes later but it was much milder than the first and it was much shorter. I think the first one kind of surprised me and brought me out of my relaxed state into a more conscious state of mind. I tried relaxing again but it wasn't really happening.
I ended up having to go to the bathroom, which put an end to the session but I am so so pleased that I finally felt something like that. I can't wait for my next session to see what that brings.

Listening to this recording definitely helped me focus. Hopefully I can find some other recordings that have a similar effect.


  1. @braveneworld I actually have those downloaded but I had completely forgotten about them. Thankyou for the reminder!

    Thanks for the tips I'll definitely check those out. Much appreaciated!

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