Variety Pack

Multiple Orgasmic Man )MOM( – It means so many things, really.

When I hear that term, I usually think of having a string of orgasmic pearls; they are on a thread and come along as pulses of bliss. Repeating in rhythm sending me up, and relaxing, sending me up, and relaxing.

But today, it took on a different meaning – multiple in variation.

This morning, while my wife and I were enjoying the miracle of giving and receiving mutual pleasure, I lost count of the number of orgasms I had as well as the nature of each. I do know that I had tons.

There were the -less orgasms I felt before initiating our play. I shivered with P-Waves and Mini 0s. I had a bunch of Dry Os during one of my favorite foreplay activities – pleasuring my lover's breasts. While she writhed in joy, I moaned with deep Dry Orgasmic pulses.

My thighs were convulsing )as they are doing right now as I write this( when she began to taste my body with her lips and tongue. My cock strained and tightened as she sucked hardness into it. Her tongue teased the glans and made me shiver.

She stimulated my balls with light feather licks and aggressive chew and sucks. My scrotum buzzed with delight. The tip of her tongue traced up and down my perineum, edging ever closer to my already convulsing anus. Electricity shot through the whole area as she closed in on her target. I screamed as her mouth found my hole and oh so deftly pleasured my puckered ass. The tip of her tongue pushed ever so slightly on my hole several times over as I moaned in submission.

She caressed and then tortured my balls with her hand, alternating between massaging and slapping. She pressed on my perineum area with her whole hand, aggressively rubbing, pushing hard from my ass to the base of my dick. This sent me to Super Os within seconds.

While I was in the throws of huge Supers, she squeezed my cock and jerked me. The pre-cum was dripping down her hand as my body released its own lubricating joy juice. With one hand on my cock, one massaging my balls, I was allowed to lean back in submissive bliss. My body was one huge orgasm.

After countless Supers and Drys, I lay back and she let me calm down. Her hand rested on the calming spot, right above my dick – gently rubbing and moving me to Calm Seas. Slowly the ecstasy lulled me to sweet slumbery happiness.

As our warmed bodies spooned, me behind, the last stage of arousal came on. My cock began to harden against her soft ass. She reached around and brought me to attention and eased me into her. Shivers shot through me upon initial entrance – so sweet.

Holding her tight, I slowly began to massage her with my hard member. She moaned with joy. Warm, slick, enveloping.

I stopped countless times in order to prolong the sensations. I was edging myself and bringing her up and down through orgasmic pleasure. I made it last as long as I could – only a few thrusts at a time, then lovely stillness.

The brink was approaching and we were ready to leap. My hips pounded and she groaned, I moaned. Soon, it was inevitable, my body contracted and my load came rushing out of me, I swear there was a quart of cum leaving me and entering her – the magical union!

I was able to continue to thrust for a bit longer until my body surrendered to its own desires and I held her tightly while we basked in the after glow. We both melted into slumber and stayed joined for a while longer. I finally slipped out and sighed a satisfied sigh. She chirped a bit of delight when my softened dick popped out.

We fell fast asleep in each others arms and enjoyed the contentment that comes with deep satisfaction.

I honestly don't think I missed a single type of orgasm. I had them all, many several times over!

I am ONE lucky man.



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