Another big leap forward!

Today was a ripper!
Started with a clean out then shot 2 mls silicon and 13 mls water base (Double the normal) plus vasoline on the aneros as normal.Why? Coz i can.
Started wit helix and oh boy I was really going places and them some prick drove in the gateway.
I removed and sorted them out. (how rude to interupt a good session)
I shot another 4 mls in coz I thought that might be funny and then put the eupho in.
The resulting ride with all that lube took me to a new place.
I had 5 super Os and the height of the plateau I was on was much higher than ever before.
I have been moaning before but never this loudly!
The eupho was going crazy and a few time I actually heard it slapping my ass. My hips where gyrating and I was squirming over the bed. I eyes would roll back in my head. My muscles were working in-sink to make the aneros really move.
It would change speeds and my muscles would automatically reposition the eupho to get all the nooks and craneys. I experianced very fast breathing periods too. Nipple stim would throw me forward in arousal. NOW WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE!.

I gave in and bought a Progasm ICE today, just have to wait till it arrives.