Reminiscing About 18(mm)

I've been a bit out of sorts with posting any updates recently due to some personal issues I've been having (health and lifestyle related). To be perfectly honesty, I was not planning on finishing my updates with the Peridise set because I felt like I missed the "deadlines" and the experiences weren't quite fresh in my mind. That changed when I noticed that there was genuine interest in my first two posts, which made me remember these posts are as much a benefit to the community as they are a historical log of my progress and thoughts. This post will go over the 18mm Peridise, which I probably spent an additional week on due to lack of availability during the holidays. From the Friday before Christmas until the Friday after, I was away from the Peridise set (and lube/syringe) so didn't even have them physically available to me. That being said, I'm going to go over the differences between the Peridise and the other Aneros products. First, the other products that I'm familiar with (MGX, Helix).

With these guys, there's a more direct contact with the prostate, and based on contractions there's even pressure against the prostate. Couple that with the P-tab, and you get sensations in the three areas necessary for a feedback loop (didn't include the sphincters, but they're there). Now with these, there's definitely more than one way to really make use of these. Different positions, contractions, even mindset, can completely change the sensations, which makes every session a unique experience. Your ano-rectal muscles get a workout, but it's secondary to the prostate massage (and pleasure) unless there's a concerted effort to Kegel while getting a massage. However, because of their dominant presence, it's easier to develop the awareness of subtle sensations in the area, which is necessary to get the maximum amount of pleasure from these devices. The larger tools might be a bit different (Maximus, Progasm), but from what I've read they force you to train/develop the muscles just to keep them from ejecting due to peristalsis. The "problem" is that the subtle movements/sensations are lost.

For me, the Peridise is the best of both worlds. Using the "do nothing" technique, I listen to my body respond to the tiniest of movements, causing the subtlest of pleasure that I can either build upon with greater focus, or just let wash over me in waves by relaxing. Through concerted contractions (Kegels), I can strengthen the muscles and learn to start the involuntaries when I want them. By starting with a long relaxation period, I get the best of both worlds. I'll insert and relax for 30 minutes, just enjoying the pleasure that I get through the slightest of contact. Then I'll start intense Kegels for another 30 minutes, trying to wear my muscles out as much as I can. Finally, if I'm still up for it, I'll just play around with different contractions to see if I can kick start the involuntaries. The one thing to keep in mind is that the contact/pressure does not compare to the other Aneros models, but it's really not supposed to. The movements are smaller, less intense, and for me are usually more like tiny vibrations against the prostate. Since it has a smaller head, there's less pressure on the prostate, which puts a greater emphasis on the feel of the Peridise against your throbbing prostate and rectum. When the involuntaries kick in, it's very similar to an Aneroless session, in that your muscles are doing all the work and the Peridise is just there for your muscles to contract against. Overall, I find that it's the best training tool, that gets me incredibly worked up and ready for a proper session with one of my other Aneros products.

As for what I've learned in the week that I was using the 18mm Peridise, is that these tools move around more than I realize. One of my first sessions after Christmas break, I was getting intense pleasure but wasn't noticing any movement. This was odd, because I was feeling the pleasure in many places at different times, but there was no "physical" movement. So I placed a finger very lightly on the tip of the Peridise, and it was dancing around like I couldn't believe. By focusing on this movement, it actually increased my arousal, which caused even more movement, which took me to new levels of pleasure (several anal O's). This made me realize that I was not in tune with my body as much as I would have liked, and I just needed to develop my sense of "awareness" of my anorectal area. Since then, I feel I've made significant progress, but I don't think I could have made that connection if I hadn't been training with the Peridise.

PS: I've already finished my "training" with the Peridise, and I'll go over what I learned with the 16mm in my next blog post, which will be sometime next week.


  1. Thankyou spyeg I was wondering what was happening as you had not blogged. I really think I will try one of these toys, I will wait a while as I just got a pro ice.
    Guess what now you need a Tempo!

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