Long Night Into Day

I woke up the next day with my helix still inside of me after I fell asleep from the previous night's session. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything happen overnight. I tried to do some contactions but I could tell that I didn't have enough lube to get things going. I had to unplug and get myself and my helix ready for round two. After applying a liberal amount of Vaseline and Astroglide to everything, I laid back down and plugged in again. After the previous night, it didn't take very long to things to heat up and start happening.
I lay on my left side with my right knee bent and left leg straight. I closed my eyes and start doing light contractions while letting everything go. My breaths were short and deep as my helix started to groove its way to my prostate. I could feel a twing in my cock as the p-tab latched onto the sweet spot and the heix glided in and out and side to side deep in my hot ass. Shockwaves pierced through me as my prostate was getting rubbed the right way. I could feel my cock starting to become erect. I let out a deep moan as I drew my right leg coser to my chest to increase the sensation. By this time the helix had started to autofuck me. My cock was so hard that it started to hurt. I roled onto my back with my knees up and my feet flat on the bed. I watched as cock sprang right up in front of me. the cock head was glistening with a stream of precum leaking down my cock. I resisted the incredible urge to jerk off and have a massive orgasm. I just closed my eyes and let helix do its magic. I started to shake and shiver all over. The feeling was so intense. My ass started to bounce up and down like a ball. I started to really let out loud moans and groans. It was time to blast off…. OH to the MOON and BACK I went….
A incredible sensation overcame me as I rode the tidal wave of a super O. I unplugged and curled up and took a short nap. After about an hour, I woke up saw I stil had time to play before everyone would get home. I decided to bring out one of my favorite rabbit didlos for a good grinding session. It is 8" long and 1.5" wide with rabbit ears at the base of the handle control. For a different sensation I lube that with a warming KY and my ass with a cooling KY. I got in front of the dresser mirror and placed the dildo on the edge of the bed and straddled it. I held the base with my left hand as I guided the massive dildo towards my anus with my right. I guided the head up to my asshole and spread my checks wider to accept it. I felt the head pressing up against my anus and I slowly started to slide down as finally was firmly inside me. I took a deep breath and slowly worked it deeper inside of me. It is massive and it really fills me right up. I was about half way down to the base as I started to do some strong contactions. I coud feel all of the ribs and ridges rub against my prostate. My cock start to swell up to a full erection. I was watching myself as I slid all the way down to the base and took all of it deep into my ass. Now, I could realy start to feel the effects of the hot and cool mixing together. The rabbit ears carressed my balls and sweet spot as I started to grind it faster and deeper with every stroke. I was bobbing up and down on it, side to side and back and forth fucking it like a banshee. I really stated to let out deep grunts and moans as I slid it out of me and slammed deep and hard back into my ass. In and out, round and round, back and forth… I wanted to have a more intense feeling, so I dismounted and shoved it inbetween the mattress and box spring and got on my hands and knees and backed it into my ass. Since, the bed is higher than me when on all fours in a doggie syste position, it took a few tries to get it inside of me and stay in as I slid back against it. Finally, it was totally in. Now, I could really get fucked long and hard. I got down on my arms and put my feet and legs under the bed as I started to pound my ass with this massive dildo. I was moaning with every stroke and groaned as I clamped down and massaged my prostate on it on every stroke. My head was swimming. I had a massive hard on and precum hanging as my cock bounced all over as I fucked it deep, hard and fast. I felt it as I bottomoed out against the base. Wow… it felt absolutely increbible! I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to watch mysef as I worked the dido and had a massive cumshot. I dismounted and went back to the edge of the bed and mounted it right to the hilt on the first try. I grabbed the KY and poured some hot and cod in my hand and started to stroke my cock. This my ass fel even hotter. I started to feverishy work my cock and ass at a rabbit fucking pace. I watched as i coud see the red dildo appear and disappear in my ass. I started to pitch my nipples with my left hand as I moaned with every stroke. I was doing tight circles with my hips as I ground the dildo against my prostate. This threw me over the edge. My breathing quickened and my head flew back as I let out one final OH OH OH FUCK as I let out a massive cumshot that went all over my belly and chest and all over the towel I laid out below me. The final drips of cum were dripping out of my cock as I dismounted the dildo and headed for the shower to cleanup…

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  1. I love how descriptive your blog entries are. Wish I was able to describe in detail the intensity of my sessions like you do yours. Seems like you've made some quick progress as well. May you continue to have great progress.

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